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Value Creation and the Affiliate Marketing Big Buck Equation

Here’s a tip to up your Internet Marketing income, reduce refunds, and increase general goodwill toward info product marketing…

Going by the consensus for recent Internet Marketing guru launches, there has been a sense that many recent products have been underwhelming in their delivery.

And because buyers have the option of a 30 or 60 day refund period, you might have the funds in your account momentarily. You can expect a speedy refund if the product fails to deliver.

How would you ‘wow’ the customer, increase your community’s loyalty and ‘stickiness’?

Provide value.

Overdeliver on their expectations, be honest and true in your product review.

Rather than adopt the latest approach of:

  • Leveraging on the popularity of another product
  • Creating a pseudo “scam revealed!” product review (only to embed your product link later…)
  • Saying a lot of good things about a product you might not even have bought…

Instead, place your readers’ interests first:

  • Is it a product they’ll benefit from?
  • Is it appropriate for their skill level?
  • Can they use it effectively?

So, rather than adopt clumsy ‘tactics du jour’ from an ebook you just bought, why not spend a day or two actually using the product and produce a balanced review that details both positive and negative aspects of the product.

When you highlight the products’ warts, it will give the reader a more balanced view of the product.

If they do choose to buy the product, you’re less likely to face refunds too.

In that way, you’ll create a win-win-win relationship for the product owner, yourself as an affiliate and your customer.

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