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How To Unleash Your Secret Blog Weapon!

Whether you’re a new internet marketer or a SEO or PPC affiliate looking for sources to generate traffic and convert that into profit, chances are you’ve either explored or are harnessing the traffic and profit potential of blogging.

In the last 2 years, since I’ve been growing my internet business, two key steps:

1) posting quality content and

2) achieving authority status in the niches I operate

have played a key part of my success.

Successful, long-term blogging goes beyond just harvesting the most popular and/or profitable tools from keyword tools and bashing out keyword-dense content.

It should also encompass planning skills and management skills to be able to publish original, quality content a year, two years or longer down the road.

What most marketers may not realize is that following a step-by-step system can greatly reduce the amount of effort needed to blog prodictively and effectively.

The Secret Blog Weapon coaching program I’m launching today is a result of more than a year’s worth of research into the most relevant topics and techniques new and experienced bloggers need to have at their fingertips, together with a system designed to either kickstart your blogging efforts or bring them to a new level.

What I’ve done my best to achieve has been to:

  • Identify critical skills that bloggers need to possess (and develop them if they don’t already have them)
  • Organize your blog effort around a proven system to maxmimize your results
  • Create a system to build a brand and effectively use this brand to build your business

You can find more details about this comprehensive 6-month program at: SecretBlogWeapon.com

secret blog weapon

4 comments on How To Unleash Your Secret Blog Weapon!

  1. coglethorpe
    September 2, 2008 at 9:59 pm (4409 days ago)

    My goodness, but that’s a lot of ad copy on the landing page. It puts even Click Bank pages to shame. :-) Good luck with your weapon.

  2. Andrew Wee
    September 3, 2008 at 12:32 pm (4409 days ago)

    I’d consider it more informational copy than ad copy.

    If you’re looking for a particular product or service, relevant info will never be too long.

    If you’re not actively looking for that type of service, even a couple of paragraphs might be too long.

    Thanks for your well wishes.

    PS: It’s ClickBank, not Click Bank.

  3. Mochtar
    September 5, 2008 at 11:05 pm (4406 days ago)

    Does this coaching including personal one on one messenger type coaching ? Really looking forward to those type of coaching.



  4. Andrew Wee
    September 5, 2008 at 11:29 pm (4406 days ago)

    Hi Mochtar,
    It’s tutorial style at the moment.

    We’re looking at personalized coaching options too.

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