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Why You Should Not Focus On Internet Celebrity Stargazing

harrison gevirtzIf you’ve been following developments in affiliate marketing, you might’ve seen 16-year old affiliate Harrison Gevirtz (right) blog or met him at a conference. Posting at Shoemoney’s blog recently on “How I Optimize My PPC Campaigns“, it’s easy to see how marketers might be overly focused on his age or the fact that he earns about a 6-figure net profit each month from his PPC campaigns.

Just as celebrity fans check the magazines to find out who’s dating who, what they wore to the MTV awards, or who they’re currently feuding with, likewise in the internet marketing world, legions of marketers constantly scour the blogs and forums to find out what a successful marketer’s shopping trip cost, how much they paid (or overpaid) for a rare painting, or just pictures of their $1,000 dinner.

While reading this news can be a source of motivation for some, the risk in spending just about all your time on this pursuit can be detrimental to your business growing efforts.

I’ve been talking to my friend NickyCakes about issues of time management and prioritization, here are a couple of issues for consideration:

  • Prioritization: Are you spending 90% of your time relaxing, spending your time checking out cool stuff to buy, planning your next vacation, researching your business (ie: reading blogs and forums, chatting over IRC), leaving 10% of your time to actually running your business? Or should it be the other way around?
  • Focus: How much of what you are doing now will help you get what you want? Or could that time be better spending doing something more productive?
  • “Secrets” of Internet Marketing: As mentioned by guests on the Friday Podcast, although you can learn strategies and techniques from blogs, forums, books, courses and networking at seminars and conferences, ultimately your success will rely on taking action, as well as testing and measuring your results. If you’re looking for a magic wand or magic dust to achieved your desired income level, you could be looking for a long time.

You can check out Harrison’s tips on setting up his PPC campaigns.

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