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WhoIsAndrewWee.com Sponsored Post and Sponsored Review Policy

In recent months, we’ve received a slew of requests for product reviews and publicity posts. As a result, we turn down more than 90% of such requests received.

Simultaneously, we’ve also noticed that the metrics at a number of the sponsored post/sponsored review sites seem skewed in recent months. As a result, payouts are not in line with a site’s profile.

After a staff meeting, we’ve decided to bring the sponsored content program in-house, and are pleased to announce the launch of the WhoIsAndrewWee.com content sponsorship program with immediate effect.

As we’ve come from the content publishing industry, we’ve further refined many of the basic guidelines to provide higher value to merchants and advertisers.

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Blog Demographic

Based on July 2007 awstats analytics, this blog receives between:

  • 1,200 and 1,500 unique visitors a day (Mondays – Fridays)
  • 800 – 1,000 uniques on Saturdays and Sundays

On a monthly basis, we receive about 12,000 unique visitors, and about 215,000 page views.

The geographical breakdown is as follows:

  • About 70% of visitors originate from the USA.
  • Another 15% come from Asia, primarily Singapore, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia (in that order).
  • The remaining 15% come from Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Netherlands (in that order).

The profile of visitors tend to be an even mix of newer and intermediate level Internet Marketers (40% each). Another 10-20% tend to be industry leaders.

They tend to come from the affiliate marketing, search engine optimization/search engine marketing, traffic generation, blogging and social traffic/social media optimization segments of Internet Marketing.

Blog Content Distribution and Syndication

The content on this blog is syndicated across a number of content networks, namely:

  • WebProNews
  • InternetFinancialNews
  • SmallBusinessUpdate
  • 9Rules Blog Network
  • BumpZee Affiliate Marketing Network

Among others.

Although we appreciate traffic quantity, we focus our efforts on generating greater traffic quality. This results in more informed and targeted readers to our blog.

Content Sponsorship Options:

To provide greater transparency for blog readers, we have 2 categories of sponsored content.

Sponsored Reviews: Sponsored products/services or news announcements can be submitted to our staff for review. The product reviews are then published on this blog.

In addition to review the product, we will conduct our own research and publish our findings.

This service is similar to buying editorial space in a newspaper, you will not have control over what we print, merely that we provide coverage on your product.

Our approach tends to be balanced and we may do cross-comparisons to similar products in the market. We may highlight weaknesses/areas of improvement in your product and you waive any rights to positive coverage.

Posts will be clearly identified “Sponsored Reviews”.

Note: Sponsors may request to view the post ahead of publication, however, they will not have any say in making changes to the content.They may choose not to have the post published. However, as the work has already been payment will not be refunded in these cases.

Minimum length: 250 words (Typically around 400 words)

Cost: $250 per sponsored review, payable prior to commencement of the project.

Sponsored Posts: This is similar to running an ad in a newspaper, you can choose to have your product or service announcement published, subject to editorial approval.

Sponsored Posts are similar to buying advertisement space, and will be clearly labelled as either “Sponsored Post” or “Advertisement”.

You are welcome to submit your material, along with payment for approval. The announcement will be edited to conform to our editorial guidelines, but they will otherwise appear largely as you submitted them.

If your material is deemed not suitable for publication on this blog, we will inform you and you will receive a full refund of your payment.

Maximum length: 800 words, up to a maximum of 3 images

Cost: $400 per sponsored post, payable prior to commencement of the project.

Readership tracking:

As a service, we can provide data including the number of clickthroughs on the links you provide and other relevant data from our analytics data.

We do not guarantee the number of clicks you will receive.

Publication Schedule:

Upon staff approval of editorial content (either sponsored review or sponsored post), publication will take place within 5 working days (unless otherwise notified).

Linking Within Content Posts:

All links within sponsored posts will link directly to your product website (ie, we will not embed affiliate links within the posts).

Unless otherwise notified, they will be permanently reside on this blog, unless we are not able to maintain the links (ie. events in which the blog is discontinued, sold, retired or for reasons beyond our control).


  • Content should be related to this blog’s focus/topics.
  • The staff reserve the right to refuse publication if it conflicts with the interest of this blog.

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For further enquiries, you can contact us at the Contact form.

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