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Friday Podcast Episode 15: The Next Internet Millionaire

In this episode of the Friday Podcast, I look at an especially deadly virus making its rounds of the Internet Marketing world, talk about hearing that Internet Marketing “doesn’t work” and how you can succeed online.

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The Next Internet Millionaire.

There’s a virus spreading across the internet, especially hitting those who’ve just come onto the web.
I call it the “Spectator” mentality:

Symptoms include: listening to WebmasterRadio all day, but the irony is you might know everything, but never really DO anything about it.
Efforts might include setting up a 5-page website, or a blog somewhere or a squidoo lens.

Do you use the “hope and pray” model of traffic generation and monetization?

Set it up, let it sit, heck stats every few hours then wonder why there’re no sales?

Unfortunately neither Internet Marketing nor life is not a spectator sport,
Creating a website and letting it standing there in the middle of cyberspace is like erecting a billboard in the desert.

Is it any wonder that new marketers frequently come crying that Internet Marketing “doesn’t work”?

There’s more to internet marketing than spending a couple of hours making a website and letting it sit there.

In the Japanese language, the word “problem” is also same word as “opportunity”.

A comedian once said:

Can you help me with my credit card opportunity?
“I am experiencing many cash opportunities! Would you like to help?”

Call me cynical, but i think help should be reserved for the helpless?

Want help? learn to help yourself.

“no money, but want to start in Internet Marketing?”

Reality check: what’s complaining about it going to do?
Precedent: of the gurus and successful affiliates I know, a number only had $20 in the bank starting out.

Solution: get a payday loan, cash advance, borrow from friends and family.
To make some quick cash: go to forum, check the services section: do directory submission, write an article, go to blogger, set up a content site.
[not encouraged for the long term, but you do what you need to to survive]

Look at your options, most important, take action!

Success factors:

  • Attitude: do you see opportunity or problems?
  • Action: willing to put in effort to get what you want? Or are you using the hope and pray method? not very effective.
  • The X-Factor: you need to see it inside of yourself, you need to stop guru worshipping, stop out of the shadows.

I appreciate positive comments, but what would encourage me more is hearing about your success in applying some of what you read on this blog, another blog, or on a forum.

Wondering who the next internet millionaire is going to be?
Head to the bathroom, and look in the mirror.

5 comments on Friday Podcast Episode 15: The Next Internet Millionaire

  1. Ron
    August 4, 2007 at 4:21 am (4918 days ago)


    Thank you for the honesty and direct comments. I want to be the next star. I took on a second Job to fund my marketing needs for now. Its hard work , but I know it will pay off. Not sure of when. Your blog and Amit Meaht’s blog really are great in keeping the prize in focus. Thank you.

  2. Andrew Wee
    August 9, 2007 at 5:15 pm (4913 days ago)

    Hey Jason,
    Good to see you’ve got your Google News Alerts set up for Next Internet Millionaire.

    Well, if the tallest contestant wins, you’d get it for sure.

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