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Have You Upgraded to WordPress 2.1.1?

If you actively use blogging for branding or income generation, take note of the WordPress upgrades available.

A number of prominent Internet Marketers WordPress 2.0.5 blogs had been hacked into, and the WordPress development team launched WordPress 2.0.7 to address the issue within a short timespan, even as they were about to launch their next major upgrade, the WordPress 2.1 series.

I’d been holding back on upgrading, even though test WordPress 2.1.1 installations showed that the blogs were running much faster, due to a major factor.

In this case, slower adopters stand to benefit, as a number of plugins have been shown to be not fully compatible with WordPress 2.1.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, you’d know that WordPress plugins are the lifeblood of any serious blogger. They add an unparalled degree of functionality and bring the WordPress platform to a whole new level, compared to other blogging platforms.

After reading that the new WordPress has difficulty playing nicely with my major Tag-related plugin, Tag Warrior, I’d held back till there seemed to be some stablity.

I’d finally launched into the new platform, wishing for the best.

Besides a hiccup with comments not displaying correctly for the last 24 hours, this current version seems faster, has additional goodies like autosaving, and the codes more efficient, with a noticable increase in processing speed.

If you’re currently at WordPress 2.0.5 or 2.0.7, consider upgrading to 2.0.9 or better yet, 2.1.1. It certainly seems to bring WordPress to a whole new level.

A couple of points to note:

  • Make a backup before you upgrade: Recovering from a blog database crash can be very painful.
  • Deactivate all blog plugins to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Check plugin compatiblity with the WordPress 2.1 platform here. (very important in my opinion).
  • I don’t believe this will be a major issue, but if you’d like you can check for theme compatibility.

You can download WordPress 2.1 versions here.

Or better yet, I find Bluehost’s webhosting with WordPress 1-click install function, saves me a ton of headaches (with upgrades also available with a single click.

5 comments on Have You Upgraded to WordPress 2.1.1?

  1. Aen
    March 3, 2007 at 12:28 am (5163 days ago)

    I upgraded about a week after the release of Ella. Like you I have a lot of plugins and an initial trip to the compatibility list indicated around half of my plugins were not good for 2.1.

    I wanted to experience the better efficiency of the upgrade and the new features as soon as I can, so I spend the 1st few days week doing up a list of plugins to be upgraded. Those that can be upgraded, I upgrade, those I cannot, I look for alternatives. By shopping for alternate plugins, it means I have to tweak my theme, which was a chore but it turned out that I also discovered plugins which I really like but never used before.

    Luckily I avoided deprecated code in my themes so the tweaking wasn’t too tedious. The codex and support forums helped a lot.

    Here’s an account of my upgrade process if you are interested.

  2. David Airey
    March 3, 2007 at 1:50 am (5163 days ago)

    I’ve been running on 2.1 for a while now. I was aprehensive about first upgrading from 2.0.4 simply because it was my first change-over. Everything worked fine after the 10 minute process however, and it was those stories of hacking that finally prompted the switch.

    I back up your sentiment Andrew, don’t wait until you’re hacked before upgrading.

  3. Rachit
    March 4, 2007 at 12:32 am (5162 days ago)

    I upgraded one of my blogs to WordPress 2.1 … ummm, it didn’t go so well!

    I run a lot of plugins, and one of them was crashing things. It finally took about 4-5 hours of debugging in php’s to find the one that was causing the problem.

    My advice, don’t take the upgrade lightly. Set aside one whole night for it. So, if things go wrong, you have a couple of hours to fix it.

  4. Aen
    March 4, 2007 at 2:23 am (5162 days ago)

    Just upgraded to WP2.1.2 this afternoon, after learning about the security issues affecting 2.1.1. You should do it ASAP too.
    Again ran into memory problems during the upgrade as I forgot to disable my plugins. I learned that… If that happens, what you can do is to backup your plugins folder, delete it from the server and reupload and reactivate a few at a time.

  5. Calvin
    March 7, 2007 at 1:30 am (5159 days ago)

    Hi there,

    erm.. is it really that scary?? Gosh.. I was intending to upgrade tomorrow.. Is there any particular plugins that might cause problems? So if after I upgrade and there’s a problem and I can’t solve it, is there a way I can downgrade?

    Erm.. I know that sounds stupid.. So how to do a backup? Just cut and paste the entire blog folders?

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