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Super Affiliate Jon F (WickedFire) Quits the Affiliate Marketing Fray

If you’re keen on affiliate marketing, chances are you would’ve checked out Jon’s affiliate marketing blog and his notably famous (or infamous) WickedFire forum, the equivalent of the raucous Mos Eisley cantina (of Star Wars fame) filled with arbitrage affiliate marketing old hands and young guns.

Jon got the attention of the community when he posted $80k+ screenshots of his earnings at the SitePoint forums.

So it was a little of a shock to see him announce: The End Of An Era – Jon Resigns From Affiliate Marketing As An Affiliate.

But then again, it wasn’t all that surprising, considering most Super Affiliates like Ewen Chia, Ros Gardner and co. eventually shift to (more…)

Anatomy of A Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Whether you’re focus on a pay per sale (like Clickbank) or pay per lead affiliate campaign (like Azoogle), the system is pretty much the same.

And if you’re using a system (with formalized processes), you’re much more likely to succeed.

Every campaign will be different and things may not go the way you’ve planned, even if you’ve adopted the best practises from an affiliate marketing system, whether it’s from a super affiliate like Ewen Chia or Ros Gardner or a system like Affiliate Project X.

Nothing quite beats having hands-on experience though because real world experience is the ‘bridge’ between what you read about, and the actual affiliate commissions you will earn.

There are a number of (more…)

List Yourself on the Affiliate Blog Directory

I was checking out community members who’d visited my blog over at MyBlogLog and checked out fellow Singapore Leonard Chen’s blog, especially his entry: Here comes the Affiliate Blog list.

It looks like Scott Jango might be on to starting something viral with his post: Have You Got An Affiliate Marketing Blog?

As you’re expect, the big guns of Affiliate Marketing: Ros Gardner, Shoemoney, Linda Buquet, Shawn Collins, Kris Jones, are already on the list, though I’d expect it’s just a matter of time before the likes of Ewen Chia, PlanetAndrea and Jon F appear too.


Kickstart Your Blogging Business and Make Big Money: 7 Reality Checks

[This post is my entry for Darren Rowse's ProBlogger Group Writing Project - Reviews and Predictions]

2006 was an interesting time for me as I plunged into Internet Marketing.

Although I didn’t have a clear idea in the beginning, it was very clear that the path of least resistance would be to go with blogging.

In the course of the last 5 months, I’ve had a series of interesting experiences and the questions I’ve dealt with appear to be common with all new bloggers, whether the questions originate from a blog, a forum, a blog network or a social networking site.

Here’s 2006 in retrospective in a FAQ format with money making tips and 7 Reality Checks for bloggers and internet marketers.
Blogging is Evil

  • Blogging Reality Check 1: Making Money from Blogging is Evil

I’m not sure of the intent of this often heard objection.

I guess some might have ‘pure/purist intentions’ and expect that blogging is some form of ‘cathartic release’ for heavy/philosophical/ponderous thinking.

I see blogging as a form of personal journalism. And (more…)

10 Ways to a Killer Blog Part 3

If you missed the earlier parts, check out:

This series is based on Robert Scoble’s presentation at the Blog Business Summit.

On with the show:

10 Ways Killer Blog

Have a Voice

Having a voice personalizes your blog. The top blogs are read not so much for their factual content, but often the ‘spin’, interpretation or analysis of the facts.

You can choose to be informative, instructional, funny, maybe even (more…)

Need Traffic? Check out Traffic Masters 2007

Traffic Masters 2007Traffic is the lifeblood of every website.

You can have the nicest looking website, with original content and the perfect opt-in page.

But if you don’t have traffic, especially qualified traffic coming to your site, your online venture might come to a screeching halt, not to mention you might end up with a list of one (that’s yourself).

Which was why I found Ewen Chia’s Web Advertising Secrets an easy product to promote.

Containing more than 20 different traffic generation methods, at it’s $97 price, it’d generate it’s value in adsense or affiliate marketing income very quickly.

Fast forward a few months and Ewen’s taken Web Advertising Secrets off the market.

And I’d been left with a gap in the ‘traffic generation’ niche for the Internet Marketing suite I put together for my DigitalKeiretsu community.

It’s fortunate I met up with (more…)