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Blogging Resources For Jo Han Mok Telecall

I just finished an affiliate marketing training call with Internet Marketing Guru Jo Han Mok and Rasheed Ali.

My topic area was on blogging and blog monetization.

As a followup to the call, here’re my notes for the participants.

Blogging at blogger.com and wordpress.com

It’s ok to test out the blogging waters when you’re starting out, however, do note that these services are targeted at hobbyists and recreational bloggers.

You’re subjected to their terms of service, which unsurprisingly prohibits promotion of adult, gaming, pharmaceutical-related niches among others.
Violation of their terms of service means they may forcibly take back the domain if you happen to violate their rules (inadvertedly or otherwise).

If you build up the Google PageRank or traffic to the domain, you don’t have the option of selling the domain (which could be value in the hundreds of thousand or millions for a high value, high traffic domain). The blog service provider owns the domain. Good luck (more…)

Killer WordPress Plugins Part 1

Here’s an extension of my earlier traffic generation post and I’ll go through some of the plugins I use on this blog.

Used correctly, you will rank highly on the blog directories and aggregators like Technorati and bloglines, and the results pages on the trinity of search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search or Live.com).

Here’re five of my favourite WordPress plugins:

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Going, going…

Well, just gone actually.

I happened to get up at 4am, wanting to check out the Web Advertising Secrets page.

Ewen Chia Web Advertising Secrets

Let me be among the first to let you know that it’s off the market.

And kudos to regular reader Chi Ang who got one of the last copies available.

You should get your blog up quickly, girl!

By the way, I was supposed to blog about this earlier.