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10,000 in your list in 30 days? Andrew Wee goes guerilla!

Kudos to Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net for organising the latest Writing Project, this post on massive list building is my entry for the “How To” themed writing project found at: ProBlogger Group Writing Project – ‘How To…’

(I’m still holding out for the Amazon prize! :) ).


They say that your success in Internet Marketing is determined by the size of your list.

The power to shape opinion and influence behavior is a function of how big your list is.

And more importantly, if you have a qualified list. Do the members fit the demographic you’re targeting.

How relevant the members to your interests?

A list provides ready traffic and serves as the

  • core readership for your content (blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, vlogs)
  • primary clients for an affiliate marketing campaign you might run

Traditional list building might see 5 to 10 members joining your list on a daily basis.
Perhaps you’re giving them a 5 or 10 page report, or maybe a free ebook.

This could be effective in growing your list over the long term.

But what if you want a much bigger list, in a much shorter period of time?

What if you wanted a list numbering 10,000 or possibly even 100,000?

What if you could do all this for little cost, or even free?


Let’s look at massive guerilla-style list building.

I’ve launched two recent campaigns (both are still ongoing).

They have the potential to grow to a combined total of 10,000 members within 30 days if executed effectively.

Before we go into that, let’s look at why someone might sign on to your list.

They must have a benefit.

This benefit might help them:

  • achieve pleasure
  • avoid pain

What does this mean exactly?

Pleasure appeals include ways to :

  • increase their income
  • make more friends
  • become better at what they’re doing
  • become stronger, faster, smarter

Pain avoidance appeals include ways to:

  • avoid boring, repetitive, mindless tasks
  • reduce their expenses
  • overcome procrastination

Crafting an effective appeal means that you must latch on to their personal radio station: WII FM.

By touching the nerve points of WII FM (What’s in it for me!), you trigger a response where they’ll be more than happy to join your list. They will be foaming at the mouth, chomping at the bit, to sign up!

  • Let’s launch into campaign 1: The Giveaway:

http://www.WhoIsAndrewWee.com is my Internet Marketing blog.

Barely 3 months and 15 days old, the domain is ranked 136,677 (3 month average on Alexa)

Who Is Andrew Wee - Alexa

According to iwebtool.com, the Google PR predictor shows a jump from Google PR0 (PageRank) to PR4 at the next Google update (Accuracy: 81.3%). Fairly decent. I’ll get spidered by the search engine spiders every other day or so.

What was I offering to draw in the visitors?

I worked out an arrangement with Robert “Multiple Streams of Income” Allen to offer one of his books to people who signed up to my list.

Now, mind you, this isn’t some flimsy PDF ebook.

It’s a print copy. An actual book you can hold in your hand.

And on varied topics from his bestselling Multiple Streams of Income, newer Multiple Streams of Internet Income, Cracking the Milionaire Code, Road to Wealth and others.

In previous promotions, the book was only mailed within the continental United States.

You may or may not have had to pay for postage (depending on the specific promotion).

What did I do?

I worked out a deal where the printed book, is mailed to you FREE OF CHARGE.

Does it get you excited?

I got excited just thinking about the offer.

Does it only within the US?

Heck, no!

Whether you live in New York, Chicago, Melbourne, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Xian, China, they’ll mail it to you, They will send it anywhere in the world free of charge.

Overdelivery is key to creating an exciting experience for your prospects.

To make it more compelling, I included three other ebooks – one on Internet Marketing, one on blogging and one on affiliate marketing.

A good jumpstart for anyone planning to go into Internet Marketing.

I think I got a few people excited.

On the first day 31 people signed up.

Another 21 signed up on the second day.

The signups continue to come in.

And the viral aspect?

These methods helped kicked the campaign into high gear in my opinion.

The sign ups went from a linear rate, to a quantum one.

This would only be possible with the technology of the Internet.

Here’s 3 ways:

  • Blog marketing:

If you have people excited, they’ll want to tell their friends. Better than just telling their friends is to blog about it.

If you have 100 people visiting your list members blog every day, you could have quite a bit of traffic flowing through to you.
Here are some of the blogs publicizing the offer and linking back to me:

Using links and trackbacks, it creates good traffic flow between our blogs. Just like the ProBlogger Writing Project is intended to do.

  • Blog Commenting

Posting on high authority blog sites will bring you organic traffic too.


How does this work?

If you are posting comments in hopes of getting a link back, you are wasting your time.

Purely posting for the purposes of link baiting, won’t work.

However if your comment:

  • includes quality content relevant to the post
  • adds to the conversation

there’s a higher chance your link will go through, else it’ll not pass moderation.

  • Forum posting

Look for high traffic, high participation forums. You can take a look at their Google PR and Alexa rankings.Here’re a forum where I posted the offer in a thread:Domainsocial.com

Besides creating discussion threads/topics, you can use signature marketing.

You can include a link in your forum signature.

Clickthroughs and signups depend on how compelling your message is.

Syntax like “Latest Blog Post: $99 Internet Marketing materials giveway, including Robert Allen book” can generate a huge amount of traffic depending on the forum’s membership.

Do you think going with the giveaway campaign could easily get about 900-1000 members in a month? Which works to about 30 signups a day?

Definitely achievable.

But the most interesting technique is what I call the Viral Friendship technique which could generate 9000 new members a month.

If there’s interest, I could cover this at a later date.

PS: could you leave a comment about how you feel about the techniques I mentioned and if you have questions.

Would you be interested in the Viral Friendship technique?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

PPS: Robert Allen books still available. Get your free copy now.
PPPS: visit my DigitalKeiretsu.com’s member YiChen’s Cooking entry for the Writing Project at: How to look like you have been cooking the whole day

    28 comments on 10,000 in your list in 30 days? Andrew Wee goes guerilla!

    1. Steve
      September 23, 2006 at 12:11 am (5277 days ago)

      A very compelling read and no doubt of interest to many readers because of the “Free giveaway.” Everyone is interested in “How to make money” on the internet be it from click throughs or advertising campaigns but the controlling factor is volumn of traffic. Internet marketing has more people interested in than say, breeding Newfoundland dogs but Newfoundland dogs are more exclusive, making for less of a choice in the search engine. The difference being is, if you can get to the top of the tree in your giving subject and it is a popular subject then not only do you become the authority but also maybe wealthy to boot. Now that’s what I call marketing.

      Your hook of signing up for the free $99.00 worth of books is tempting to say the least and I will have to sign up but no doubt there will be less available packages of $99.00 than the amount of interested people. The back of my mind is saying “What’s in it for You!”

    2. yich
      September 23, 2006 at 12:24 am (5277 days ago)

      Great tips Andrew!

      I am an ardent fan of your blog. You bet I have requested for my free book by Robert Allen!

      As I build up my simcooks.com blog, I constantly reference yours for tips. When I get to the part on creating lists, I will definitely reference this page again.

    3. Tim
      September 23, 2006 at 12:51 am (5277 days ago)

      Wow, WhoIsAndrewWee.com grew pretty quick. I’ve at it for 6-months and I’m still in the mid-200,000s. Although now I have some new ideas thanks to your list!

    4. Zach
      September 23, 2006 at 5:11 pm (5276 days ago)

      This has to be one of the best blog posts I have ever read on internet marketing. I’m really suprised that your blog has grown so quickly in alexa! its absolutely amazing..

    5. Andrew Wee
      September 23, 2006 at 5:32 pm (5276 days ago)

      Steve: I’m banking on people enjoying the offer, participating in my community and reading my blog.
      Having active participating provides:
      1) an opportunity to build a cohesive and loyal community.
      2) branding opportunities to branch out and expand the Internet Marketing business.
      3) Collaborations to do joint marketing.

      After all, there is a plateau for a single Internet Marketer, even with the benefits of technology and automation.

      The biggest websites/blog/portals comprise communities of people working with a single focus towards a common goal.

      Andrew Wee

    6. Andrew Wee
      September 23, 2006 at 5:35 pm (5276 days ago)

      Yich: tks for the support.

      Tim: beyond just a quantitative measure of your list, i think the qualitative measure is important too. i could probably build a list of 100,000 to 200,000 by giving away amazon vouchers, but the robert allen book helps filter the relevant audience. (I remember rejecting a $100 coupon for flowers, just because it wasn’t relevant to me. hmm, i could go into a ‘relevance’ topic if there’s interest).

      Andrew Wee

    7. Andrew Wee
      September 23, 2006 at 5:39 pm (5276 days ago)

      Zach: at the end of the day, i’ve focused on providing quality, value-creating content. a lot of other bloggers like Darren Rowse do this too.

      Stickiness is a concept that a lot of people misunderstand and being able to create content or services that increase pleasure and minimize pain are what will continually ‘pull’ people to you.

      Let’s look at the following for a second:
      web-based email (gmail,hotmail):
      pleasure factors: email access anywhere
      pain factor: backup if you forget the address of the reunion dinner that your friend emailed you.

      pleasure factors: instant access to book availability, ability to read reviews of the book. fast delivery
      pain factor: ability to access a database of books and items you’ve bought. you avoid the mistake of buying the same book twice (anyone want my second copy of the Phantom Menace…..)

      Andrew Wee

    8. Stuart
      September 24, 2006 at 12:48 pm (5275 days ago)

      It’s not the size of your list that matters. Read my report “The fastest way to build a 5000 member list” at http://www.InternetMarketingSingapore.com, under the newsletter section. You must be a registered user to get it.

    9. Andrew Wee
      September 24, 2006 at 1:56 pm (5275 days ago)

      Hey Stuart,
      tks for dropping by.

      yes, i’m realizing that a list is measured along two metrics:
      1) quantity
      2) quality

      I’m planning the follow up post to this one soon.
      Andrew Wee

    10. Foo Ming Chern
      September 27, 2006 at 11:16 am (5273 days ago)

      hey Andrew,

      this is a cool post.

      I can really relate to the common problems.
      I guess not everyone is built like you andrew, you can stay focused in your niche area and totally resisting the temptations of branching out.

      Which is why you kept kicking me in the butt for so long.

      I believe after the initial overwhelm by the IM information. It’s the NEXT problem on not sure what to focus on. Some ppl JUST CAN’T WRITE, or some ppl JUST CAN’T DO TECH STUFFS…

      So it’s that area that i’m stuck in.
      I just realised that my mentality was to create products of tofu with all my heart and made the no.1 mistake of not thinking about my prospects’ perspective. :)

      Nevertheless, good stuffs Andrew for striking that superb deal with Robert Allen! Kudos to ya!

    11. Luboradz
      August 1, 2011 at 4:10 am (3504 days ago)

      hey, your websites are wonderful. I do thank you for give good results

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    15. Pomada Tiger Balm
      May 11, 2019 at 4:20 am (664 days ago)

      I really enjoyed your post on massive list building.

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