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10,000 in your list in 30 days? Andrew Wee goes guerilla!

Kudos to Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net for organising the latest Writing Project, this post on massive list building is my entry for the “How To” themed writing project found at: ProBlogger Group Writing Project – ‘How To…’

(I’m still holding out for the Amazon prize! :) ).


They say that your success in Internet Marketing is determined by the size of your list.

The power to shape opinion and influence behavior is a function of how big your list is.

And more importantly, if you have a qualified list. Do the members fit the demographic you’re targeting.

How relevant the members to your interests?

A list provides ready traffic and serves as the

  • core readership for your content (blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, vlogs)
  • primary clients for an affiliate marketing campaign you might run

Traditional list building might see 5 to 10 members joining your list on a daily basis.
Perhaps you’re giving them a 5 or 10 page report, or maybe a free ebook.

This could be effective in growing your list over the long term.

But what if you want a much bigger list, in a much shorter period of time?

What if you wanted a list numbering 10,000 or possibly even 100,000?

What if you could do all this for little cost, or even free?

Interested? (more…)

Yes!!! $1,800 Blogging competition launched!

Ok,I am a nut.

Even in the midst of launching the crazy offer today: Exclusive: $99 Internet Marketing giveaway including Robert Allen book, somehow I still found the time to head over to Darren Rowse’s Problogger.net (the definitive resource for bloggers) and keep hitting the refresh button.

You just can’t imagine how many times I read the Engadget Redesign post…

Gee I just might be able to recite it to you if you asked me to.

But here’s the exciting part!

The competition has been launched!

As anyone with a selfish motive would ask, What’re the prizes?

Here goes: