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Building Your Internet Marketing Asset Base

Internet Marketing like biotechnology, finance and engineering ranks as one of the most intellectual property-intensive industries to be in. With that in mind, shouldn’t you be striving to develop as much IP (intellectual property) as possible?

Newer marketers may know, but fail to incorporate the concept that information is the true currency of the Internet.

It could be something as simple as knowing the URL for an open source software, or something more complex like the techniques of breaking into elite Internet Marketing inner circles. If you don’t know where and what and how to do something that will help you achieve your goal, you will be severely limited in your marketing, and by extension your income generation ability.

As a newer marketer, your core focus areas should be:

  • Absorbing as much of the relevant intellectual property assets as is needed to accomplish your goal
  • Develop IP assets to help you directly or indirectly generate income (and achieve your financial goal).

Specifically Information Marketers should focus on:

  • Understanding their target market and going beyond harvesting relevant keywords, to fully understand their thoughts and needs
  • Developing (as a product creator) or recommending (as an affiliate marketer) appropriate and relevant products and services to serve those needs

A maxim I’ve heard recently is that “it’s never your visitors fault if a campaign flops – It is solely your fault” because you did not meet their needs.

What’re some ways to gain an advantage in this “information war”?

  • Develop Critical Asset Mass

A successful PPC campaign is an asset. An ebook or program which helps your audience meet their goal is an asset. Having the right network of contacts to be able to broker deals is an asset.

You probably don’t realize all the assets you have at hand, and auditing and keeping track of what you know and what you can do goes a big way in reaching your goals.

How do you define a “critical asset mass”, you know you’ve achieved “critical mass” when your assets have taken on a momentum of their own and enable you to achieve your goals easily.

Need to put a deal together? If all it takes is a single phone call to accomplish it, you’ve got networking mass.

If you need to create a customized package for a client and it’s a matter of bundling your existing IP assets together, you’ve achieved product mass.

Which brings me to my next point.

  • Developing Relevant Asset Mass

If you’re taking an adhoc approach to developing assets, you’ll naturally end up with a hodge podge of assets and it can be a struggle to bring your assets together.

You’ve probably realized that a number of the posts in this blog are geared towards developing a focus.

You may just now understand that a number of things you do every day generates an asset: from the emails you send, the private messages, forum posts, blog posts – all these generate assets.

But are these assets focused in a specific area?

Or do they run across a chaotic spectrum?

If the IP you are creating each day is tightly-themed, you can be sure that brought together, their value will multiply and may just help you move that next mountain you come across.

PS: In response to questions about IP assets, I created my Apple iPhone-themed Rabid Niche Cash Machine to help you gain a headstart in your Internet business building.

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