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Monday Question: The Death of Blogging and Long Term Business Growth

I got a short and sweet question today “Is blogging dead?
I was planning to start a blog, but I heard that I should create and optimize a Facebook profile instead.
What’s your advice?

That’s an interesting question and let me do my best to you an interesting answer.

If you read Stephanie Agresta (AKA Internet Geek Girl’s) post “Blogging is not dead (but I am really busy)“, you’d realize that like a lot of popular bloggers (eg. Sam Harrelson, Wayne Porter, Jim Kukral and Co), Steph has reduced the frequency of her “long form” (eg. WordPress blogging), in favor of micro-blogging (eg. Twitter and it’s companions).

So blogging is not “dying” nor will it “die” anytime soon.

The significant issue at hand is to get a grip on your long term business growth.

Are you being overly tactical – looking at the micro level of your business – whether you should set up a squidoo page, a hubpage, a facebook profile, throw up a social community site…

When really you need to be more strategic in nature!

If you need an analogy – strategic or being long term-focused means looking at the forest, and fashioning a master plan.

Being tactical means you’re looking at an individual tree and trying to optimize it. Taking care of the day-to-day. so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, you NEED to be tactical in nature when you’re going into a new niche and building up your skills, but you shouldn’t be spending your time digging up all the coolest and newest Facebook applications or WordPress plugins at the expense of your business growth.


If you are serious about bringing your business to the next level, you might instead be looking at:

  • Synergistic partnerships to expand the breadth and reach of your products and services.
  • Opening new channels and distribution, opening new markets for your existing products.
  • Trend forecasting and research and development, to expand the capabilties of your current, to evolve it into a version 2.0 or version 3.0 so you can meet the future head on.

And only once you’ve laid out the blueprints to meet those challenges listed above, yeah, sure, you can fire up the Battleships application on Facebook and start fragging those tactical-thinking marketers into kingdom come…

1 comment on Monday Question: The Death of Blogging and Long Term Business Growth

  1. Gustafson
    December 13, 2007 at 2:39 pm (4706 days ago)

    You say it well.

    There will always be new fads and technologies to reach people. If you have your game plan and base put together first, not only will you have a solid footing, but it makes tackling the new technologies much easier. Not to mention that it keeps a person from spreading their efforts too thin.

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