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Entering the Year of the Golden Pig (and Earning Internet Marketing Income from it)

18th February was the first year of the Chinese New Year and we’ve entered the year of the pig, according to the Chinese 12 Year Animal Astrological cycle.

This year is expected to be an especially prosperous one, since it’s a “Golden Pig” year. As I understand it, a “Golden” year comes about every 5 cycles (With each cycle comprising 12 years, that’s once every 60 years).

Chinese typically take the first three days of the Chinese New Year off (and they work for the next 362 days of the year…).

What’re the implications for Internet Marketing?

Like horoscopes and astrology in the Western tradition, the Chinese spend excessive amounts on astrological practises too.

For instance, you might be familiar with “Feng Shui” or Chinese geomancy, which dictates how a home or office is designed to be in harmony with the natural elements. Likewise, certain days in the calendar are “lucky” and businesses have been known to arrange their events around them.

Hence, you have the beginnings of a niche audience that is willing to pay premiums for these services.

If you were to set up a Chinese astrology portal, you could create information products catered to this niche.

And it’s not just the Chinese who’re consumers of these products either. Increasingly there’re a number of New Age practitioners in the United States and Europe, who’ve embraced alternative belief systems.

There is scope for information products, such as ebooks, audio recordings, daily forecasts, consultation for a personal career or business path.

It’s a niche like any other.

Your success in this field will largely depending on your ability to answer the following:

  • How consistently and focused does your business brand itself?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • How effectively you incorporate Internet Marketing technology to accelerate your business expansion?

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  1. Jael
    February 25, 2008 at 9:48 am (4804 days ago)

    Nice to see this niche addressed. I have a couple related ideas myself. Do you know anyone who is a good role model for the New Age affiliate marketer?

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