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Meeting Up With Backend Sale Guru Alex Nghiem

If you don’t already have a backend sale in mind as you launch your product, you’re potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table…

The problem was that till now, there hadn’t been many resources available to address this need, which was what drove backend sale specialist Alex Nghiem to launch the Backend Cash Manuscript.

andrew wee and alex nghiem

Andrew Wee and Alex Nghiem

I had the opportunity to spend time with Alex on the sidelines of Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness Live event in Atlanta, Georgia.

And it is astonishing how many marketers could easily have bumped up the value of their products by many times just by investing an incremental effort in their product development stage.

As a content creator, I know that it’s easy to get stuck in the ‘product creation’ mode and neglect to think out of the box for a moment, put in a few more hours and magnify the value of your product.

In a specific case study with a prominent Internet Marketer, Alex helped him increase the value of a $29.95 ebook into a $697 product with a minor amount of additional work. What’s even more interesting is that the Internet Marketer is currently working on a $997 product…!

Value creation goes hand-in-hand with the characteristics of information products which already have the advantages of relatively inexpensive to create, having low overheads, and the advantages of easy fulfilment.

To go one step further and magnify your sales, you owe it to yourself to check out Alex Nghiem’s:

>> Backend Cash Manuscript

alex nghiem backend cash manuscript

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