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Monday Question: “Can I Be A Successful Blogger and Affiliate Marketer?”

Today’s Monday Question comes from Ken who asks:

I’m a new Internet Marketer and like you, I plan to focus on blogging and affiliate marketing. I make about $500 a month now.

What’s the best way of doing this? I want to be the next Darren Rowse! I’m planning to quit my job by the end of the year after getting my bonus if this gig works out for me…

freedomMy answer:

It’s great to hear you’re taking action on your goals, Ken, especially as you’ve found that the Internet lifestyle gives you more options.

I don’t think newer Internet Marketers can successfully master two areas, unless you’re very disciplined. You probably should focus on one area.

Between blogging and affiliate marketing, although the two fields are related, I’d recommend you focus on affiliate marketing as that activity directly generates income. With blogging, income tends to be a secondary focus (unless you’re highly skilled at monetizing your blog).

I’m more concerned with the fact that you’re generating $500 from your Internet Marketing efforts now.

Have you calculated your (more…)

Are You An Internet Marketing Iron Man?

There’s a difference between thinking you have the chops to be a successful Internet Marketer and knowing you are one. My friend, Ruck, over at CashTactics.net certainly knows the difference.

If you haven’t yet, take some time to read his “About Ruck” page and more importantly, his post “What Led Me To Believe I Could Work Online Fulltime“. It’s certainly worth spending some time reading the post, and more importantly archiving it for reference.

Are you an Iron Man?

iron man

If you were to look inside yourself, do you know if Internet Marketing is in your blood?

Or is it merely one of the hobbies like network marketing, forex, options trading, eBay that has recently come into your “biz op inbox”?

Here’s what the ebooks don’t typically teach you…

You need to have a driving force inside you. A little voice that pushes you on at 2am when you’re rushing to put a site up.

A hidden, subsconscious need to be the best, to be number 1.

If that’s lacking, all the goals you’ve written, to be a millionaire, to buy that dream home, to go on that trip around the world is just going to be a mission statement you’ve written on a sheet of paper that you carry around in your wallet all day.

It’s not what happens when things are easy that determine the path you’ve chosen for yourself, it’s what happens when things get tough…really tough

What happens when the going gets tough?

iron man

When you encounter difficulty, are you likely to fight, take flight or freeze?

Do you say to yourself “How do I get out of this one?” or do you instead ask yourself “How do I overcome this challenge?”

The questions you ask yourself, determines (more…)

Your Outsourcing Dream Answered: Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Service

Josh Wexelbaum over at ScrappyBusiness Idea Blog mentioned this new service in a recent post “Amazon Mechanical Turk for Fun and Profit” and Internet Marketers can rejoice as some of their outsourcing woes are answered.

Besides your finances, the other major constraint for any Internet marketer is time – there’re only 24 hours in a day.

And Amazon’s new outsourced service boasts a few interesting innovations…

amazon mechanical turk

Amazon’s Turk moniker comes from the “Turk” chess playing machine which toured 18th Century Europe, seemingly beating chess players. It was later revealed that a human player hide within the contraption. (Maybe a clever “ghost in the machine” or Ex Deus Machina jibe might be apt…).

So how does the Mechanical Turk differ from the other freelancer services like elance, rentacoder, workaholics et al.

The rates seem (more…)

Friday Podcast Episode 9: The Internet Marketing Mental Game

In this edition of the Friday Podcast, we look at Internet Mind Game.

Many newbies find making their first dollar online intimidating. But you can do a mind shift and see some interesting results.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For the notes, click “more”… (more…)

Meeting Up With Backend Sale Guru Alex Nghiem

If you don’t already have a backend sale in mind as you launch your product, you’re potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table…

The problem was that till now, there hadn’t been many resources available to address this need, which was what drove backend sale specialist Alex Nghiem to launch the Backend Cash Manuscript.

andrew wee and alex nghiem

Andrew Wee and Alex Nghiem

I had the opportunity to spend time with Alex on the sidelines of Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness Live event in Atlanta, Georgia.

And it is astonishing how many marketers could easily have bumped up the value of their products by many times just by investing an incremental effort in their product development stage.

As a content creator, I know that it’s easy to get stuck in the ‘product creation’ mode and neglect to think out of the box for a moment, put in a few more hours and magnify the value of your product.

In a specific case study with a prominent Internet Marketer, (more…)

Do You Spend Too Much Time Blogging? Blog Strategically

A complaint I hear is that “blogging takes too much time”.

And then I find out the Internet Marketer has only filed one or two weeks worth of posts before giving up.

Here’s a strategy of developing blog content quickly.

  • Multitask

As you’re surfing the net for research, build a file of interest content, note down their URLs, network with your fellow Internet Marketers, catch up on trends.

  • Develop a Position/Opinion

Think of how the development affects you, or your niche. What is the impact, what are the implications? How will it affect your current plans. Come up with (more…)