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Your Internet Marketing Survival Depends on Your List

I met with Super Affiliate Ewen Chia yesterday and he gave me some comments about my blog.

‘It’s humorous. It’s quite personal.’ he smiled and I could sense the sincerity of his compliments.

How big is your list?



“And how many unique visitors do you get a month?”



We continued talking and here’s the one very vital lesson I picked up from my discussion yesterday.

And it will make the difference between your success and failure.

Your success depends on the size of your list.

Even if you had 100,000 visitors to your site every day, but you had a list of zero, sure you could try putting up a few offers on your website, or even better your blog.

But how are you going to do any follow up?

Blog about it and hope that your visitors come back in a day later? A week later?

You’d probably already have a loyal core of 10% of your visitors who are coming to your blog, hitting the “F5 – Refresh” button two or three times a day.

But you’d be losing out on the other 90% of visitors.

If you’re lucky, you’d have a 20-30% loyal readership core.

But if you miss this lesson, you’ll miss the boat to Internet Marketing success.

I can’t really tell you everything that Ewen told me, but I’d say that his ‘loyal core’ is much higher than the average. We’re not talking higher in terms of percentage, but higher in terms of magnitude.

Ok, here’s one thing. To achieve ‘super affiliate’ results, you need a minimum size of 5,000 list members.

Some of these strategies will be covered in the ‘Unstoppable Traffic’ (working title) DVD series from Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia in a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to announcing its launch then.

But what now?

I got some information from Louis Burlson (author of Publishing for Profit and eBook Creation Secrets) about a new list building program.

And it’s really powerful, because it builds what I call a ‘Super List Aggregator’ where you have the opportunity to broadcast messages to potentially hundreds of thousands of people and if you do it effectively, you can easily build a list of thousands or tens of thousands.

As far as I can tell, the product is still fairly new, so they’ve launched a number of incentives and membership is free.

Though I took the upgrade option and got a number of other bonuses which will help me build my list faster. The upgrade option comes with an ‘insiders list building’ book by Glen Hopkins.

Is the book any good?

Check out some testimonials the book has received:

“I have built my entire online business using list building and relationship
marketing strategies. Over the years, I have identified a select few experts in
this industry, and having met Glen Hopkins in person, I can tell he is the real
deal. Anyone looking to learn the power of list building needs to learn from
Glen. His strategies can help you double your profits in 90 days.”
–Mike Filsaime

“What you hold in your hands is an excellent email marketing playbook
covers the ins and outs of the game from beginning to end. It’s written
man who, having run a very successful co-registration business for many
years, probably understands email marketing as well as anyone on the
Follow the advice in this book and it could probably shave years off your
learning curve.”
–Mark Joyner
Three time #1 Best-Selling Author of The Irresistible Offer and more

And the testimonials go on, and on, and on.

The contents are pretty impressive, covering email marketing strategies, building a huge profitable list, various strategies to ensure a high conversion, and viral marketing, getting free organic traffic, etc.

You won’t get the book with the free membership though, so it probably will be good to consider upgrading to the paid option.

If you’d like to build your list and accelerate your list monetization efforts, you’d definitely want to check out List Lotto.

Here’s the link:

–> List Lotto huge list builder

2 comments on Your Internet Marketing Survival Depends on Your List

  1. Stuart
    November 9, 2006 at 11:31 am (12 years ago)

    Hey Andrew, you might want to look at the List Building telecall with Michael Cheney and Simon Grabowski that I put up at this page. Some of the usual stuff, but other than that there are a couple of nuggets of info that might make a big difference even for me.

  2. Penk
    April 27, 2014 at 9:25 am (5 years ago)

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