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Friday Podcast: PPC Keyword Strategies With John Hasson

I invited John Hasson on the Friday Podcast to share some tips about his PPC campaigns.

john hasson

From his previous appearance on the series, you’d have heard about how he extensively uses automation in his PPC campaigns. Together with outsourcing business tasks, John has given his affiliate marketing business more room to grow.

During our discussion, John mentioned:

  • His strategies to test out keywords (as many as 30,000 at a time)
  • Keyword research and harvesting and the tools he uses
  • How you multiply and permutate your keyword list
  • Live example of constructing a keyword list
  • PPC campaign optimization tips
  • His new Keyword Grouper tool and it’s “intelligent keyword grouping” features

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Building With Internet Business With Zac Johnson

Zac JohnsonI invited top affiliate Zac Johnson on the Friday Podcast earlier this year (listen to the earlier podcast) and had the chance to invite him on again.

During our conversation, Zac spoke about:

  • How he comes up with ideas for his marketing campaigns
  • The facts and reality of the Internet marketing industry
  • His most successful website venture to date
  • Current projects he’s in the process of launching
  • His upcoming presentation at Affiliate Summit West 2009

Tune in to this week’s Friday Podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Amit Mehta And Anik Singal

amit mehtaI had the opportunity to invite Amit Mehta and Anik Singal on the Friday Podcast to discuss challenges facing affiliate marketers these days, together with the impending launch of the PPC Classroom 2.0 program.

Amit’s is gaining a reputation as the $2.4m super affiliate and a regular speaker at events like Affiliate Summit and PPC Classroom.

Anik is founder of Affiliate Classroom and AC Certified, and recently ranked #2 in Business Week’s “Top 25 under 25″ article.

anik singalDuring our podcast, we discussed:

  • How Amit’s affiliate campaigns differ from other marketers
  • How to build your income to 4 figures a day
  • Steps you can take today to put together successful campaigns
  • The importance and how you can incorporate long-tail keywords in your affiliate campaigns
  • Whether there’s a conflict of interest between a merchant’s in-house SEO/SEM efforts and the efforts of affiliates
  • Amit’s “Hybrid Model” that he’s currently testing and will be teaching in PPC Classroom 2.0
  • Details of PPC Classroom 2.0.

Tune in to the Friday Podcast:


Friday Podcast: PPC Affiliate Marketing Tips With Chad Frederiksen

Chad FrederiksenI met Chad Frederiksen (better known in affiliate marketing circles by his moniker “CDF Networks”) at the Blue Man Group show at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas earlier this year, and he came across as a very down-to-earth guy.

Which is a little surprising, given how successful he is as a PPC affiliate.

If you haven’t checked out his site yet, you might like to read his posts:

Doubtless his creativity and work ethic have played a part in feats like hitting the top 10 affiliates from CPA network Azoogle (now a division of Epic Advertising) 6 months after he started up his PPC -> affiliate campaigns.

His blog at CDFNetworks.com contains a treasure trove of PPC strategies, tips and case studies.

Since he already blogs in great detail about his tactics, I wanted to get a better idea of how his business system operates.

During our discussion, we covered:

  • How you can get started as a PPC affiliate
  • How Chad approaches his marketing campaigns, including a number of key techniques
  • Chad’s recommendation on learning resources, especially if you’re a new affiliate
  • Evaluation criteria on deciding which affiliate offer to promote
  • How you can increase earnings from your PPC efforts
  • How and why building destination sites will help grow your business

Check out the podcast below:

Friday Podcast – Affiliate Income Strategies With Jeremy Palmer

jeremy palmerIn the affiliate marketing industry, top affiliate Jeremy Palmer ranks as one of the nicest and most competent people.

Earlier this year, I had a great Friday Podcast session with Jeremy and invited him back for another chat.

He’s recently launched 2 new projects (one of which isn’t officially launched yet).

During our conversation, we talked about:

  • Generating long-term income from your affiliate sites
  • Creating “thick” (as opposed to thin) affiliate sites
  • How to invest in your niche to maximize your success and profit
  • How to create sticky and compelling sites
  • And too much great stuff to list here…

Here’s the podcast link:

Here are the resources Jeremy mentions:

Affiliate Marketing Training Program Black Ink Project Launches

UPDATE: Check out the latest version of: The Black Ink Project

It takes a lot to get me out of bed early in the morning, but Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project kicked off to a great start today.

Jeremy talked about his start in affiliate marketing and the niches he’s in (dating, web hosting, music downloads, VOIP, online marketing), as well as criteria for shortlisting and testing viable niches.

More importantly, he also talked about a number of niches he “failed” at and eventually dropped.

If you’re not already generating a 5-figure income from your affiliate marketing efforts, you ought to sign up for Jeremy’s 20 session, free (yes…it’s free) training at the Black Ink Project.

I’ll be presenting content later in the series, and as the program picks up steam, I know that more than a few Super Affiliates are going to come out of this program.

The first week of training kicked off at 3pm PDT and continues the rest of the week.

Check out the full schedule and register at: Black Ink Project (limited spaces available).

The call recordings may be available 24 hours after the initial session.

Also, find out more about Jeremy Palmer’s strategies from his appearance on a recent episode of the Friday Podcast.

Note: US and Canadian BlackInkProject members have a toll-free number to call in. I made a long distance call, but it’s great to find out that webinar provider WebEx (a Cisco company) is providing real-time audio stream too.