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Friday Podcast Episode 16: Solving The Internet Marketing Enigma

In this episode of the Friday Podcast, I look at why some newer Internet Marketers fail to achieve the success they are aiming for.

It’s nothing to do with the Google Slap, the Squdio slap, competition from other niches, or knowing what to do. It’s something even more insidious and could affect you more deeply that you realize.

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Solving the IM Engima

The IM insider and the IM outsider

Biggest challenge to new internet marketers is not the google slap, squidoo slap, competition, or even knowing what to do.

Biggest challenge is not taking action.

The major stumbling block seems to be giving yourself permission to succeed.

“Are you merely an IM worshipper?”, or are you an IM practitioner?”

Emails go out saying “XYZ guru is such an expert, everyone should be learning from him”

Implication: he’s your guru and you are his follower or disciple.

A follower will never overcome the master.

Take steps. Move yourself up.

Instead of “following” why not focus on “doing”?

Big difference between “saying” and “doing”.

Talk is cheap.

Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Talking never earned anyone anything, unless you’re a professional speaking.
In this case, you’re an internet marketer.

And actions certainly speak louder than words.

Before you take action though,
I realize that giving yourself permission to succeed can be a major stumbling block.

Like runner Roger Bannister and running the 4 min mile.

“impossible run a mile in less than 4 minutes”

Long time psychological barrier to success.

Once you’ve broken the barrier, you can’t go back to running 4 min miles.

In the internet marketing race, have you broken your own “4 minute mile” yet?

If you’re still struggling to generate any decent internet income, what i want you to do is to start taking action. put your knowledge into practise.

It’s only once you’ve got yourself all bloody and earned you first $1,000 a week, or $1,000 a day using the techniques you’ve practised that you’ll truly be an IM insider.

You’ll also no longer be blogging about making your first $5 sale.

As you’re reflecting on all of this, also reflect on this thought.
Are you still sitting at the table of life, expecting success to be served to you on a silver platter?

Shouldn’t you be getting up and get what’s rightfully yours?

6 comments on Friday Podcast Episode 16: Solving The Internet Marketing Enigma

  1. Alvin Huang
    August 11, 2007 at 1:20 am (4858 days ago)

    Neat mp3 Andrew. Every newbie yet to make a decent income should listen to this.

    But i guess the problem of taking action surfaces everywhere. Not just the IM field, I’m sure we are all familiar with the unhappy employee friend who complains about his boss and work but does nothing about it. The coffee talks amongst friends about starting a business but nothing materializes.

    Its a part of life. People not taking action. And as long as that remains, those that take action will reap bigger rewards.

    Alvin Huang

  2. affiliate network
    August 13, 2007 at 4:04 am (4856 days ago)

    Andrew, I couldn’t agree more about the leader v follower point you made. I have found great success in leading as an affiliate marketer rather than following a “guru” trying to upsell me at every turn. Great podcast.

  3. Stephane
    August 13, 2007 at 4:50 am (4855 days ago)

    Not taking action is surely a barrier. But keeping ourselves motivated when still not making a decent income is another thing.

  4. Andrew Wee
    August 15, 2007 at 4:08 pm (4853 days ago)

    Hi Stephane,
    I can identify with that.

    It’s something that every entrepreneur comes across when you’re building a business, whether you’re Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs…

    That’s what makes this so exciting compared to a regular 9-to-5 job…

  5. Andrew Wee
    August 15, 2007 at 4:10 pm (4853 days ago)

    Hi Mike,
    That’s a good philosophy.

    I’m not really saying you shouldn’t follow someone’s best practises, however…
    I’m emphasizing that new marketers should not excessively “guru worship”…

  6. Charles Lau
    August 18, 2007 at 12:20 am (4851 days ago)

    Nice analysis you have. This is my first time I stumbled upon your site.

    It is indeed very necessary to take action than just to think or say so much.

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