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What’s Keeping You From Making More Money Online?

I got an email from Missy who owns G34media, a small network of 4 blogs and she asks:


I found your blog through a post on “How to Make Money Online” over at ABW.

This post caught my attention, as im suppose to be working right now, and instead im at your blog procrastinating.

I would say i have a —fear of success— not failure. It is the classic “middle class syndrome”.

My modus operandi is that i tend to take on too much, right now im managing 4 blogs. Plus i get paid to write on another.

Sometimes i want to chuck some of the blogs, and just concentrate on one, but then i feel like im giving away future income.

What thoughts have you on my blog network?Should i concentrate on one or two blogs and sell the others, or just keep them, and write when i can.

Would love feedback from you.


I’m not sure if Missy expected that it’d become a full-fledged post, but I think many internet marketers are in a similar situation.

Here’s my take:

Procrastination is something that happens if we don’t have a clear goal/outcome in mind, and may not have a game plan in hand.

If you don’t have visibility of what you are going to achieve (like getting into your car and not having a destination in mind), it’ll be natural that you might wander around aimlessly (eg. spend endless hours in forums, reading blogs, filing a twitter every 5 mins) – yes, you’re right, you are a digital slacker.


Just think back for a moment about why you got into internet marketing?

To spend more time with the family? To generate multiple time what you’re earning now? To achieve financial freedom?

I don’t know about you, but (more…)

Friday Podcast Episode 16: Solving The Internet Marketing Enigma

In this episode of the Friday Podcast, I look at why some newer Internet Marketers fail to achieve the success they are aiming for.

It’s nothing to do with the Google Slap, the Squdio slap, competition from other niches, or knowing what to do. It’s something even more insidious and could affect you more deeply that you realize.

Notes follow (click on “more” below)


72 Hours Left to Hit Your Targets

In a universe of nearly unlimited Internet Marketing products, one thing and one thing alone will determine your online success.

Although you might already be bombarded each day with a barrage of emails and irresistible offers, here’s a tip to help you achieve your 2006 goals over the next 70+ hours.

  • Focus, Focus, Focus

I call it a tip (some might call it a trick). The mind can only fully concentrate on one task at a time. Have you ever been in a race (whether on land or in a swimming pool or some other situation) and you found yourself watching the competition? (more…)

Are you ready to give up on Internet Marketing?

I was talking to one of my DigitalKeiretsu members who’s been feeling frustrated recently.

What do you do when you are blogging every day, and nothing’s happening.

Nothing’s happening? I asked.

Well, I got 23 visitors a day, maybe one Adsense clickthrough. I haven’t made a single sale yet.

Hmm, I pondered and pointed to a sign in the distance:

Long road to Internet Marketing wealth

Well, let’s talk about this then, I offered.