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9Rules Round 5 Community Update

Fresh off the press, 9rules Community Director Tyme White announced in the 9Rules blog this morning: Round 5 Update

I’m more than 3/4 through the list (first pass). That’s when I bumped into some serious organization problems. What worked with 700 sites doesn’t work with 1191 so…thanks to Scrivs helping me out today, Tyme is more organized.

My goal is to finish the first pass this weekend, start the second pass (smaller) by Tues.

It certainly is a mammoth task sifting through 1191 blog entries, especially since the near doubling of entries since the last round. (more…)

9Rules to keep moving up the blogging track

The 9Rules blog network is quite a cool one and I’m finding myself contantly going back to refresh the home page.

Even after the buzz at the conclusion of round 5, which had a whopper 1,190 blogs being submitted for inclusion into the content network, things are still humming along.

9Rules blgo network

9Rules blog submissions received for Round 1 to 5: Up and up!

And if you’ve submitted your blog for inclusion, Mike Rundle in his 9Rules Round 5 Analysis points out: Traditionally we’ve added between 8-16% of the total number of submissions to 9rules, so if that holds true then “you can assume” we’ll pick about 160 blogs this time (though it’s all up in the air at the moment).

That’s encouraging. Results expected by the end of this week.

But wait…What’re the 9Rules anyway? (more…)

Want to get into 9rules? Apply now!

This is really late notice.

But you might have a chance to slip in before the door slams shut.

Blogging network 9rules has opened a 24 hour window to accept new submissions into it’s network.

The benefits?

If accepted, you can expect greater exposure and access to an established blog network. (more…)