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Optimize and Deal with Blog-Crashing Traffic

If you’ve experimented with social traffic strategies, you might’ve encountered the Digg Effect (or also known as the Slashdot effect) where a torrent of traffic (upwards of 1,000 unique visitors a second) brings your webhost to a screaming halt.

Matt Coddington over at NetBusinessBlog is masterful at this technique.

Observe his traffic:

matt coddington netbusinessblog

One of his Dugg posts is: Building a Niche Minisite (Part 1)

One of the reason why your webhost might crash is due to the processing required in compiling the PHP code and serving up the page for each visitor.

This could literally kill the server resources during peak periods.

So Ricardo Galli’s WP Cache provides a workaround, by caching your blog posts as static pages, enabling you to serve hundreds of times more pages per second.

In fact, the plugin serves to “reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond.”

The plugin is (more…)