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Friday Podcast: “So You Want To Be An Internet Business Consultant?”…Featuring Robyn Tippins

robyn tippinsRobyn Tippins who was formerly Yahoo! MyBlogLog community manager and now Yahoo! program manager for developer experience, happens to own two successful blogs, SleepyBlogger and GamingAndTech.

I’m not sure how long I’ve known Robyn, but I know it’s probably about 2.5 to 3 years.

I first got to know her through my blogging efforts and later she invited me to join the MyBlogLog Advisory Group.

I don’t think a whole lot of people are aware that Robyn racked up about $200,000 in consulting fees in the year before joining Yahoo! and relocated from Virginia to California to take up the position.

During the Friday Podcast, I found out how Robyn got started (generating $30,000 a month from a single physical product), how she branched into consulting, including taking on projects for some of the biggest companies out there, and how someone aspiring to enter the business/web consulting field can get started.

As always, there’re lots of gems in this one.

Check it out:

Friday Podcast Episode 17: Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Does it make sense to slog for 40 years at a job that grinds you down from 9-to-5 every day, just to build a nice nest egg for retirement? And if you are an Internet Marketer, how do you continually fire yourself up? Find out in this week’s Friday Podcast.

Notes follow after the “more”:


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Social Traffic Site MyBlogLog Goes 2.0

Insiders at the recent blogger convention SOBCon revealed plans about $10 million wunderkind social network site MyBlogLog. In the mix: a rebranding, a new widget and features to protect against social spam that is becoming more pervasive on the networks.

David Dalka mentions that during SOBCon upcoming changes to the popular social networking site include:

  • A rebranding (to reflect it’s acquistion by Yahoo!)
  • Some MyBlogLog 2.0 upgrades – site redesign and a Web2.0-ish widget upgrade
  • Anti-social spam features like avatar moderation and masking type features

Since Google rules the roost at the moment on the search engine front, there’s plenty of opportunity for Yahoo! and Microsoft to capture mindshare and market share on the non-search engine traffic fronts.

There’s opportunity to look at the hubs of highly targeted traffic clustered around social sites and forums.

So far we haven’t heard not many high profile forums being acquired have been reported in the mass media, even though transaction values for these deals can range from the hundreds of thousands to the millions.

Selective media focus? Perhaps. But as social traffic and social media continue to (more…)

Does Onsite Event Blogging Provide Any Value? And Nicole Eggers Video Broadcasts

Sleepyblogger Robyn Tippins questions whether live blogging at the sidelines of an event has much value (Liveblogging Of Any Value To Those Not There?)

I can identify with her sentiment that: “I’m wondering (aloud I suppose) if I’m the only one who finds the typical disjointed, rambling liveblogging posts are of any real value to offsite readers?

Here’s my take:

It’s nothing to do with whether the blogging is live or not.

It has everything to do with your content and your presentation.

As an example, look at presenter Nicole Eggers on WebProNews.

webpronews nicole eggers

Nicole Egger, WebProNews video news update presenter

Besides being very easy on the eyes, Nicole presents WebProNews updates throughout the day.

What makes readers continue to come back is the amount of useful information they get within the 2-4 minute video broadcasts.

No medium is perfect however, (more…)

MyBlogLog Responds: Message Posting Rules Being Tweaked

I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from Robyn “Sleepy Blogger” Tippins, MyBlogLog’s new community manager (Robyn’s offical MBL post), less than 24 hours after posting “MyBlogLog Social Traffic Credibility and Attempts To Cripple Spammers“.

Here’s Robyn’s response to my feeling that posting 20 messages a day could be limiting:

Andrew, hopefully this won’t hamper users that are actually engaging in conversation, because everytime you receive a message back, you up your daily limit by one. So if I message you I have 19 messages available, but if you message me back, then my message limit goes back up to 20.

It’s only one method we’re trying, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

The concept of reciprocity is an intriguing one and goes one step further than just blanket quotas.

I think as time goes by, the messaging model will get refined further.

And it is forward thinking on my part that 20 messages would be insufficient for a community size of 1,000.

It would seem fair to incorporate gradual increments to the number of available messages to MyBlogLog members in good repute. That way, it’ll prevent MyBlogLog members from going out of the network to use email to communicate.

Here’s why MyBlogLog should increase message quotas: (more…)