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Friday Podcast: Social Marketing Strategies With PotPieGirl

potpiegirlThis week on the Friday Podcast, I invited PotPieGirl to talking about generating traffic using free methods.

I’d seen her twitter exchanges with Miles Baker and found that she’s pretty proficient in building sites on Squidoo (the social networking site founded by marketer and author Seth Godin) and generate affiliate marketing income from her efforts.

During the course of our discussion, I found out:

  • How she got started in affiliate marketing
  • Her strategy for traffic generation and how she got involved in social media marketing
  • How she balances her time with a spouse and kids to take care of too
  • How 2007′s “Squidoo Slap” (where Google placed less prominence on Squidoo lenses) has affected her business
  • Tips for resources to build your internet marketing skills
  • How to market effectively using Squidoo lenses

Check out the podcast below:

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Friday Podcast: Building Your Affiliate Karma With Missy Ward

missy wardI’d hesitated about approaching Affiliate Summit co-founder Missy Ward for this series till I felt the time was right.

As an experienced affiliate professional, Missy has built up a reputation in the industry, serving in senior management positions like:

  • Director of Public Relations for Media Breakaway LLC (formerly CPA Empire, now known as affiliate.com)
  • Vice President of Partnership Marketing for eBound Strategies
  • President of Aluria Software
  • Vice-President of Marketing for Global Travel International

Some of these positions were concurrent with taking a leading role in launching and growing the Affiliate Summit conference/trade show as well as a number of fundraising intiaitives.

If you’ve had a chance to talk to Missy during one of the trade shows, you’d find that she’s personable and knowledgable. During the course of our discussion, I got to know Missy better, including:

  • How she got involved in affiliate marketing
  • The formation of the Affiliate Summit and it’s goals and growth over the years
  • How she got involved with fundraising activities, concurrently growing her affiliate business
  • A preview of upcoming Affiliate Summit conferences and related events
  • The guerilla marketing strategies used to promote the summit (merchants and affiliate networks can take a leaf out of Missy and Shawn’s playbook)
  • Missy’s video blogging and promotion strategies
  • A number of inspirational moments from the recent Affiliate Summit
  • Key updates involving projects like Geekcast.fm, a new podcast in the making, Missy’s return to affiliate management and the revamped AffStat affiliate industry survey

Check out the hour long podcast, chock-full of content below:


Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Management Strategies with Jim Lillig

jim lilligThe recent Affiliate Summit West marked the launch of the Offeratti affiliate network founded by affiliate veteran Jim Lillig.

I spoke to Jim at the sidelines of the affiliate summit, where Jim talked about:

  • How he got started in affiliate marketing
  • Getting involved in projects like affiliate track
  • Managing the affiliate program for an MP3 site which had 1 million paid subscribers and a budget of $500,000 each month for pay per click (PPC) traffic
  • How merchants can easily create marketing tools for affiliates
  • PPC optimization tips for affiliates
  • How you can identify quality affiliate networks and affiliate offers
  • How to get approved and accepted for affiliate programs if you are an international affiliate
  • Why affiliate managers should not auto-approve affiliate applications
  • The launch of the Offeratti affiliate network

Check out the podcast below:



Friday Podcast: PPC Keyword Strategies With John Hasson

I invited John Hasson on the Friday Podcast to share some tips about his PPC campaigns.

john hasson

From his previous appearance on the series, you’d have heard about how he extensively uses automation in his PPC campaigns. Together with outsourcing business tasks, John has given his affiliate marketing business more room to grow.

During our discussion, John mentioned:

  • His strategies to test out keywords (as many as 30,000 at a time)
  • Keyword research and harvesting and the tools he uses
  • How you multiply and permutate your keyword list
  • Live example of constructing a keyword list
  • PPC campaign optimization tips
  • His new Keyword Grouper tool and it’s “intelligent keyword grouping” features

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: PPV Strategies With Ian Fernando

Ian FernandoI’ve known Ian Fernando for some time, talking to him over instant messenger and over the forums, so it was great to kick off the new year with inviting Ian on the Friday Podcast to talk about some of the innovative strategies he’s using for his affiliate marketing campaigns.

During the session, we talked about:

  • How he got started in internet marketing, especially working 3 jobs at the time
  • Some of the discoveries and lessons learned as he got started in affiliate marketing
  • Ian is one of the few marketers who blogs publicly about media buying and Pay-Per-View strategies
  • Which PPV networks you should take a look at
  • Tips to optimize your PPV campaigns
  • How to select appropriate affiliate offers for PPV campaigns
  • His newest project Affpinions
  • A preview of his upcoming session next week at the Affiliate Summit on “Keyword Blasting”

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Business Building Tips With Kelly McCausey

Kelly MccauseyIt’s hard to imagine Kelly McCausey who’s well-established in the Work-At-Home Mom niche as struggling to pay her utility bills despite working full time as an office manager in 2002, but she’s certainly come a long way since then.

Her first attempts to promote her desktop publishing services over the internet did not take off as she’d expected, however, other opportunities came up that eventually led her to focus on the work-at-home mom (WAHM) niche.

Listen to how she got started and built her business up, including her current projects, such as Work At Home Moms Talk Radio and her new projects.

During the Friday Podcast, we talked about:

  • How to plan for your success online
  • Building your business from the first step and expanding it beyond
  • How you can focus on a single market and maximize its profit potential
  • Pitfalls you need to be aware of as you’re building your business
  • Qualities to build a sustainable online business

Check out the Friday Podcast below:

You can find out more about Kelly at: