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Friday Podcast: Building A Podcast Network with Sam Harrelson

sam harrelsonReturn visitor and affiliate marketing veteran Sam Harrelson came on the Friday Podcast to share his thought on social media interaction and marketing and the strategies behind his newly launched podcast network, Thinking.fm.

During the course of our conversation, Sam talked about:

  • How he got involved in online marketing and his quest to become a Renaissance man.
  • How he has “given up marketing”
  • Ethics and morals in affiliate marketing
  • What inspires him to podcast
  • The origin and direction of his Thinking.fm podcast network
  • Monetization options for podcast network owners
  • One of his favorite podcasts and why it works effectively

Sam’s one of the deep thinkers in the internet marketing industry and it’s always a pleasure to talk to authority who helps shape the industry.

Checkout the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Affiliate Summit – The Next Step with Missy Ward and Shawn Collins

missy wardAffiliate Summit co-founders Shawn Collins and Missy Ward made a joint appearance on the Friday Podcast, giving insights into behind-the-scenes actions at Affiliate Summit, together with updates on two ongoing projects, Geekcast and FeedFront.

During our conversation, we talked about:

  • The history and growth of the Geekcast podcast network and upcoming plans
  • The expansion and growth of content on Geekcast beyond just affiliate marketing
  • Incentives and admission criteria for would-be Geekcast podcasters
  • Details and the launch of Missy’s new podcast, “The Spew”, soon to debut on Geekcast in late March
  • The addition of video content on Geekcast
  • Shawn’s tips on getting started as a podcaster
  • How to organize and structure a winning podcast
  • The growth of FeedFront magazine
  • The upcoming inclusion of AffStat data in FeedFront
  • Missy’s new involvement with the affiliate program for DIYThemes (publisher of the Thesis WordPress theme)
  • Highlights and details of the upcoming Affiliate Summit East (Aug 9-11, New York City)

shawn collinsCheck out the Friday Podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Sports Affiliate Marketing With Jason Rubacky

jason rubackyHave you looked at the lucractive world of affiliate marketing for sport franchises and sport-related marketing? Football Fanatics affiliate manager Jason Rubacky came on the Friday Podcast to talk about the wide range of products available under his company’s banner and tips and techniques to successfully promote these items.

During the Friday Podcast, we touched on:

  • Jason’s experience as an affiliate and affiliate manager
  • How Football Fanatics got started and it’s position as a leader in the sport affiliate marketing field
  • Information on the Football Fanatics affiliate program and it’s listing on Commission Junction, ShareASale and it’s in-house program
  • Upcoming enhancements to it’s partner manager (affiliate) interface
  • In addition to football, you can also promote hockey, surfing, NASCAR and MMA (mixed martial arts) products
  • How to effectively generate traffic for your sports affiliate site
  • Pro teams vs College teams: which drive more traffic, and importantly, have greater profit potential

We covered quite a bit of ground during the interview, check out the podcast below:


Jason Rubacky on twitter

Football Fanatics

Surf Fanatics

Jason’s blog

Friday Podcast: Strategies For Scaling Your Affiliate Business With Miles Baker

miles bakerVeteran marketer Miles Baker gave an insider look at how he’s grown his affiliate business through the process of automation and outsourcing elements of his affiliate marketing business.

Having been on the Friday Podcast series before, you can check out his first podcast interview.

With his experience as an affiliate and affiliate manager, Miles has insights into the affiliate industry which has helped him develop a set of strategies to “work less and earn more”.

In this Friday Podcast, Miles spoke about:

  • How to grow your business
  • How to focus on what’s important and high value within your organization
  • Budgeting how much to spend on scaling your business
  • How to train your employees and outsourcers efficiently
  • What criteria and considerations to factor in as you’re scaling your business

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Personal Producitivty And Business Growth Strategies With Lisa Riolo

I’d been talking briefly with industry veteran Lisa Riolo at some of the affiliate events over the past year and inviting her on the Friday Podcast was the first opportunity I’d been able to speak with her at some length.

lisa rioloLisa’s one of the best resources in the affiliate industry, having a blend of brick-and-mortar business operations experience, together with her stints in the online world. Lisa previous experience includes a senior vice president of business development role at Commission Junction and managerial roles at Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Bank of America.

During our call, we discussed:

  • How she got involved in the world of affiliate marketing
  • The growth of CJ’s account development team from a headcount of 4 initially to its exponential growth phase involving hundreds of people
  • Her focus on accountability and being able to quantitatively measure results in order to grow a business rapidly
  • Her milestone projects in internet marketing, including stints with Eben Pagan
  • Her system for getting things done and enhancing your personal productivity
  • How to balance growing your business with a healthy work-life balance
  • Defining value as growth factor for your business and how to deliver it to customers

Business owners and successful affiliates will get several actionable takeaways from this session.

Check out the podcast below:

And the resources:

Friday Podcast: Print-On-Demand Business Strategies With JGoode

jen goodeI met Jen Goode better known as JGoode at the recent Affiliate Summit where she was helming the mentors program.

Jen is one of the nicest people you will meet in internet marketing and she’s gone out of her way to help people.

As a designer and a programmer, Jen has a unique set of skills which gives her an advantage when it comes to marketing her fine art and t-shirt designs.

Her move to print-on-demand (POD) services to develop her own products such as t-shirts is a great primer for aspiring marketers looking at the POD market.

During the Friday Podcast, we talked about:

  • Jen’s background and how she got started on the Internet
  • How she developed her skills in both the design element of internet marketing and programming
  • The benefits of print-on-demand services
  • How to get started on POD services
  • How to determine which products sell and how to generate traffic and sales for your products
  • Tips for establishing your niche within the POD marketplace
  • How to use customer follow up strategies to increase your sales and profits

New and experienced marketers will get something out of the podcast accessible below: