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Taking Twitter To The Next Level With TweetDeck

I typically for the simplest approach when it comes to using web services. If a browser interface is available, I prefer to use that over download and installing an external program – I already have enough “stuff” on my computer.

If you are a Twitter user, you might want to take a close look at TweetDeck, especially with their recent feature upgrade.

Having gone through a couple of other Twitter clients (they essentially bring Twitter updates to your desktop via the API and provide additional functions) like Twhirl, I will be using TweetDeck for a long time.

For starters, with the recent v0.21.5b upgrade, the client includes the option of a 4th column, you’re also able to perform a search within TweetDeck and setup groups and follow friends more easily.


Unless you’re a strict stickler to talking to 1 person at a time, the multi-threaded approach to managing conversations makes Twitter more managable, especially once you’ve breached the “100 people you are talking” to mark.

Here’s one use of the search function: Being able to search by username or keyword and looking at the progression of the topic:


Take note that these functions are not groundbreaking or new, you could already follow these searches by opening up multiple windows and heading over to search.twitter.com and typing in keywords or usernames.

But what is useful is how TweetDeck makes these functions more accessible through icons, rather than bookmarked or type-in URLs.


Additionally as you build up a group of followers, you can sort them using the groups function.

Sam Harrelson has got about 4 groups set up now, and this is a good way to keep work and family separate (although your boss will still read your “had too much to drink, gonna call in sick” tweets in your public timeline.

To the veteran Twitter user, these changes aren’t as much revolutionary as they make Twitter less of a pain in the butt to use.

For neophyte Twitter users, the simplication process can smoothen the learning curve.

I just wonder if Twitter users increasingly move towards client programs to access updates, rather than visit the site, does this change from a presence-based model (the idea of visit a “website” to get your site) to a “pulled content” model signal a change in the winds?

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you can follow me at: http://twitter.com/andrewwee

9 comments on Taking Twitter To The Next Level With TweetDeck

  1. Guillaume
    February 17, 2009 at 10:50 pm (4241 days ago)

    Thank you for the introduction. Personally I prefer Twhirl or People Browsr but I have to admit that Tweetdeck might be the best one. As you did with this artcile I have added several educational video on You Tube, especially about Twitter. Please let me know what you think of the channel.

  2. ppc.bz
    February 18, 2009 at 5:10 am (4241 days ago)

    I can’t get enough of Andrew Wee’s twitter.

  3. Dan Stack
    February 18, 2009 at 7:19 am (4241 days ago)

    I’m going to take a leap of faith and give this product a try…I’ll give you my professional opinion in a couple of days!

  4. Jinger Jarrett
    February 18, 2009 at 8:43 pm (4240 days ago)

    I tried out this application, and I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use, and it makes getting through all of your Twitter messages, as well as answering them, a breeze.

    Although I find tools like Digsby to be more convenient because it allows me to monitor all of my social networks, I will still be using Tweet Deck for Twitter. It cuts down on the noise! LOL

    Great post.

    Jinger Jarrett

  5. Stephen Robinson
    February 18, 2009 at 10:32 pm (4240 days ago)

    Hi Andrew,

    Great article. I have been a TweetDeck user for a couple of weeks now and I love it. The ability to add additional windows have proven extremely valuable in engaging in the conversation of the merchants I currently manage.

    One example, last Friday I did a search for a popular product sold by one our merchants and was shocked at the love affair going on Twitter. I noticed the marketing manager and he quickly sent out a Tweet with a link(not an affiliate link) to the product on his company’s site. We haven’t measured the sales to see if there was a lift from this, but I thought this was interesting.

    If I hadn’t been using the search function on TweetDeck, I wouldn’t have found this conversation going on. I have also found the search tool to be useful in measuring how many coupons from our merchants are being sent out in deal-specific tweets from our affiliates.

  6. Logan Thompson
    February 19, 2009 at 3:19 am (4240 days ago)

    I’ve been using Tweetdeck for awhile and love it. It makes twittering so much easier and organized.

  7. MLDina
    February 20, 2009 at 11:26 pm (4238 days ago)

    Anything that makes social media interaction quicker and easier is a definite must. Twitter is great, but it’s true that once you hit a certain number of followers/followees, it gets hard to keep track. I don’t want to miss important updates, so organizing friends and co-workers works well for me!

  8. Rodolfo
    November 5, 2016 at 10:30 pm (1423 days ago)

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    while I am also zealous of getting knowledge.

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