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Another Twitter Toy For Marketers: Twitter Grader and Twitter Elite

Deep down most marketers are stats junkies at heart. Even though we realize that your Alexa ranking may not mean a whole lot, especially since a number of Facebook games and applications have muscled their way into the top 50,000, we still look at our Alexa rankings every now and then.

So with micro-blogging platform Twitter providing API (application programming interface) access to developers, it was only a matter of time before a slew of twitter “stats” and “analytics” services made their way onto the market.

Do they really mean anything?

Is it statistically significant?

There’s still a big question mark in that area.

What has happened though is that these services have turned out to be great linkbait, and they seem pretty viral too, with various twitter users announcing/bragging about their “Twitter Elite” status (even if you are the top Twitter dawg in your village of 500….)

The Twittersphere has been abuzz with various users announcing their “Twitter Elite” status.

twitter grader

Are you a member of the elite? Check out the twitter grader and find out.

The service seems simple and (more…)

Social Media Menace: A Guide To How To Irritate Friends and Make Enemies

If you use social traffic channels and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, it’s not uncommon to receive junky marketing message from strangers promoting acaiberry, dating offers, viagra, gaming and adult offers.

But what happens when friends send you these messages?


Granted, it won’t be as overt as a “Hi, I’m Natasha, I would like to chat with you

Talk to me now at: [Adult friend finder affiliate link]”

But still, some of the things that rankle my (more…)

How To Make A Fool Of Yourself With Social Media

I gave Shawn Collins some feedback about what I thought was some spam on one of his blogs and was trying to define what is clearly spam, and what treads the murky waters of spamdom.

Obviously blog spam in the form of useless comments would be posting “Need Russian bride? Visit this website, good price, many selection. http://……ru”

That ends up in the spam bin immediately. (If it hadn’t already been filtered out by my Akismet or Bad Neighborhood filters).

What isn’t as clear are response like “good post”, “interesting” and “I will read this”.

I’d use a simple “letters to the newspaper editor” test – would you realistically expect a comment to be published if you mailed it to the editor of your local paper, responding to an article in the paper?

If you wouldn’t then, why would you choose to post it in a blog comments section?

Is it merely to see your name in “web print”?

funny face

Even if the intent is to post an obviously off-topic comment in hopes that someone will clickthrough to your affliate link/phishing site, the effort is wasted.

Even if the blogger doesn’t (more…)

Is MySpace’s MyAds Destined To Reap My Success?

WebProNews has mentioned that MySpace has launched it’s MyAds ad serving platform, which is old news if you’ve read Chad Frederiksen’s AKA CDF Networks’ first impressions of the MyAds platform last month.

myspace myads

I’ve spoken to a number of affiliates who say they turn off social networks like MySpace during their content network targeted campaigns because the conversions can be very poor.

With MySpace setting a $0.25 cost per click, you’re going to have to look at an offer payout of at least $2.50 (if not, a higher payout) to make it worth your while.

What might work on a social network might be a lead generation zip or email submit offer and if MySpace’s demographic targeting works as promised, it could be a goldmine for smart affiliates.

You can check out MySpace MyAds.

Yahoo! MyBlogLog Service Updates – Worth The Wait?

Yahoo! MyBlogLog has included a couple of updates since the last time I took a close look at the service.

For one, sorting through “followers” and considering reciprocal “friend adding” is easier because you can filter through the list of friends in a pretty speedy fashion (especially if you have a hundred or more pending followers).

mybloglog pending

A number of weeks ago, MyBlogLog community manager Miss Tilly mentioned the introducing of a Connector widget.

It looks like (more…)

Is Facebook The New Phantom Menace?

There was some buzz last week as the managing partner of Facebook application developer Tyler Projects, Leonard Lin, had his Facebook account suspended.

In a post on Facebook, Leonard reproduced the suspension notice:

Hi Leonard,

As you may know, one of your posts in a Facebook group was removed because it was considered to be an advertisement or spam (specifically, an advertisement for an external application). Content that promotes a product, service, or group is always removed from the site. Your account was suspended for these reasons.

However, after a review of your situation, we have decided to allow you a second chance on the site and have since reactivated your account. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, please refrain from posting any such material and remove all outstanding content that violates our Terms of Use. For more information on conduct prohibited by Facebook, please read our Terms of Use, which can be accessed through the “terms” link at the bottom of any Facebook page.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

This doubtless caused on uproar on Tyler’s facebook application BattleStations where Leonard is active in game development and on the discussion boards (as well as being the public face of BattleStations).

His “infraction”?

Posting a link (accompanying a movie review) to a trailer for “Wanted” on a discussion board.

Apparently, Facebook is getting pretty serious with it’s ‘walled garden’ concept – that you should do all your stuff within the Facebook.com domain.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the Facebook “terms of service” that Brett was refering to, click on the “Terms” link at the bottom of each Facebook page.

A number of the terms look pretty nefarious. (more…)