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Friday Podcast: Lessons Learned From Launching An Affiliate Network

jim lilligJim Lillig is a colorful character – in the best possible way imaginable.

Having been involved in brick-and-mortar businesses, operating mature entertainment website MrSkin.com, speaking multiple times at Yanik Silver’s highly rated Underground workshop series, operating seafood retailer Lobster Gram, and finally launching his own affiliate network, Offeratti.

It’s hard to imagine Jim as someone able to sit still. He rarely does, and just like the last time he came on the Friday Podcast in January this year, Jim was chatty and gave a number of great tips to both affiliate marketers as well as lessons from launching his own affiliate network.

Here’re some of the topics we talked about:

  • 6 months on – lessons learned from launching the Offerati affiliate network
  • Combat affiliate fraud – how to work towards “zero fraud” on your affiliate network
  • How international affiliates, especially from Asia and Europe can increase their chances of getting accepted by affiliate networks and CPA networks
  • How Offerati’s MONKS system improves conversion rates for affiliates and how it works
  • Tips for new affiliates launching their first campaigns
  • Why and how you can incorporate predictive keywords and demographic targeting into your campaigns
  • Plans in the pipeline for Offerati

Check out the podcast below:


1 comment on Friday Podcast: Lessons Learned From Launching An Affiliate Network

  1. Apinya
    July 28, 2009 at 5:51 pm (4080 days ago)

    Well, totally agreed,Andrew. Guess what? I applied as an publisher in Offerati and Jim called me up personally and we had a great chat and he shares his insights and experiences with me.

    The call was about 1 pm Thailand time and that’s about 1 am for Jim! Does this guy ever sleeps? Despite the late hours over at his end, he still shows so much enthusiasm and dedication towards his affiliate business. Getting a call from him is really a new breath of fresh air in the marketing world for me. Who gets a call these days, from the President personally and chatted for an hour? He has brought the good old flavor of doing business like the old days and that’s personal touch.

    One simple call and yet it has such a great impact for both the affiliates and the network. Not only does he try to help new affiliates, he also provides tools, tips and that moral boost that all of us need from time to time.

    All I can say is Offerati.com is definitely different from other networks. A true “win-win” network and working hard for all new affiliates to bring you the best offers.This is one network you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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