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Friday Podcast: Breaking Into New Niches

Whether you’re a merchant/product owner or an affiliate, you’ll inevitably break into a new niche at some point.

So one of the questions you’ll need to answer in order to succeed is: “How can niche sites tackle the challenge of content creation, especially if they are in a new area? More importantly, how do they monetize effectively?”
We tackle this quesiton in the Friday Podcast.

Here’re the notes:

Tackling fear of the unknown.

Understanding the problems (also known as opportunities) in any new market is key.
-Cost/performance – fees are based on amount of weight lost. program to lose 10lbs might cost a thousand dollars. that’s $100 per lb. lucrative?
-Weight management sites are the one of the best examples of membership sites. friend Rachel Rofe has a great site and has been profiled by magazines.
-Long term effects
-Mood swings, depression – biochemical balance

Visit forums, blogs and content sites in your chosen area and figure out the burning questions people are facing. Compile a list of the top 50 problems/questions and answer them – that will form the basis of your search engine AND human friendly content.
-Document the process
-Buy weight loss for dummies or atkins diet for dummies, visit wiki, head to google news.

As internet marketer, information is your most significant weapon.
Use it to your advantage.

2 comments on Friday Podcast: Breaking Into New Niches

  1. Rachel
    December 10, 2007 at 11:40 pm (4790 days ago)

    I love you Andrew. :) You know… I recently hung out with a guy in person who found me via my blog… and the reason he found me was because you had a post with my video in it, so he went over to my blog. So weird how that stuff works out!

  2. Andrew Wee
    December 11, 2007 at 6:46 am (4789 days ago)

    Awww…..you’re such a sweetie….

    Like you would say “How cool is that!”

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