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A Guide to Podcasting for Profit and Pleasure

One of the questions that came up recently has been the long running nature of the Friday Podcast (which started in mid 2007) and elements that help keep it growing in terms of it’s brand and readership. I distill it to a couple of simple components.


#1: I Enjoy What I’m Doing

Let’s face it, even if you are doing well (refering to income) from something you do, but find it a chore, repetitive, boring, etc, you’d bound to (more…)

Can Professional and Personal Boundaries Be Easily Defined in Social Media?

Here’s an issue that experienced and aspiring social marketers will face: How to effectively balance publishing content related to your business, and your personal life on the social web. While personal content can help create a connection and rapport with your audience, it can sometimes be a double-edge sword.

In an episode of TheSpew, a business-related podcast on the GeekCast content network, I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with Missy Ward, Lisa Picarille, Connie Berg and Karen White.

While Missy and Shawn Collins are able to effectively inject personal opinions, together with the business content in their twitter streams and blog posts, some of us who’re focused towards corporate clients who are less familiar with the social media environment and operate on a more “rules-based” corporate culture, seeing someone tweet about how great “Lost” was last night or “Free Cone Day” at Ben and Jerry’s might be perplexed, confused and even get riled up because they can’t figure it out.

If you’re a consultant/trainer, there’s a split between presenting a professional image because that’s what’s expected, compared to having the free rein to say what you really think.

It was insightful hearing Lisa, Karen, Connie and Missy who are all engaged with consulting, share their experience in managing these expectations. And any social marketer can get some food for thought in handling this personal vs professional dichotomy on the social networks.

Check out TheSpew Episode #8 on GeekCast.

Friday Podcast: Optimizing Your Web Business For Success

msdanielleDanielle Nagami is a California-based internet marketing consultant and blogs at MsDanielle.com covering SEO, PPC and provides marketing campaign optimization services for clients, primarily large brick-and-mortar businesses.

Having worked with large campaigns, I had a chance to ask her about setting up and launching new websites, especially for internet marketers with smaller operations.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • How Danielle got involved in internet marketing
  • The elements to create a long term and sustainable web business
  • How to organize your site structure for user accessibility and search engine crawlability
  • Conducting competitive research and using that data in your campaign
  • How to optimize your site, including specific techniques
  • A case study of a successful website which is tweaked regularly
  • How to incorporate specific techniques to increase repeat visitors and customer retention

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Building A Podcast Network with Sam Harrelson

sam harrelsonReturn visitor and affiliate marketing veteran Sam Harrelson came on the Friday Podcast to share his thought on social media interaction and marketing and the strategies behind his newly launched podcast network, Thinking.fm.

During the course of our conversation, Sam talked about:

  • How he got involved in online marketing and his quest to become a Renaissance man.
  • How he has “given up marketing”
  • Ethics and morals in affiliate marketing
  • What inspires him to podcast
  • The origin and direction of his Thinking.fm podcast network
  • Monetization options for podcast network owners
  • One of his favorite podcasts and why it works effectively

Sam’s one of the deep thinkers in the internet marketing industry and it’s always a pleasure to talk to authority who helps shape the industry.

Checkout the podcast below:


The Worst Reasons To Start Podcasting and Video Blogging…

Probably have to do with the fact that since “everyone” is doing it.

Or the opposite scenario “no one” is doing it, so you should be the first.

I have been downloading and listening fairly religiously to the Geekcast podcasts (one of the Geeksters Shawn Collins mentioned that the new episodes come out every Tuesday) and watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s video posts.

So the $1m question is if you like this audio and video content, should you also jump on the metaphorical bandwagon and fire up your Flip camera too?

Here’s where I might differ from some of the others – there’s 2 elements to communication – there’s form (whether you write something on a sheet of paper, take a photo, do a blog post, shoot a video) and there’s function (AKA content) – the meaning behind your message.

In the rock-paper-scissors equation of multimedia…

  • graphics trump text-alone (a picture says a thousand words?)
  • audio trumps graphics (usually)
  • and video trumps static images and audio, right?

In most cases, if you’re judging the value of (more…)

Friday Podcast Episode 21: Developing Profitable Products With Hungry Markets In Tow

Newer product creators might be cracking their brains developing a product for a hungry market.

Instead of going along the lines of “what product to create”, an asset-based approach and solving a need will help you conceptualize a product with a hungry market behind it.

Click the “more” tab to access the notes: