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Social Media Menace: A Guide To How To Irritate Friends and Make Enemies

If you use social traffic channels and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, it’s not uncommon to receive junky marketing message from strangers promoting acaiberry, dating offers, viagra, gaming and adult offers.

But what happens when friends send you these messages?


Granted, it won’t be as overt as a “Hi, I’m Natasha, I would like to chat with you

Talk to me now at: [Adult friend finder affiliate link]”

But still, some of the things that rankle my (more…)

Is MySpace’s MyAds Destined To Reap My Success?

WebProNews has mentioned that MySpace has launched it’s MyAds ad serving platform, which is old news if you’ve read Chad Frederiksen’s AKA CDF Networks’ first impressions of the MyAds platform last month.

myspace myads

I’ve spoken to a number of affiliates who say they turn off social networks like MySpace during their content network targeted campaigns because the conversions can be very poor.

With MySpace setting a $0.25 cost per click, you’re going to have to look at an offer payout of at least $2.50 (if not, a higher payout) to make it worth your while.

What might work on a social network might be a lead generation zip or email submit offer and if MySpace’s demographic targeting works as promised, it could be a goldmine for smart affiliates.

You can check out MySpace MyAds.

Security Alert: Account Phishers Target Facebook

Till now, the Facebook social network has been an overall pleasant user experience for most users, especially if they’ve come over from the social spamming barrage common on MySpace.

Aside from being hit with 100 friend add requests from strangers and another 500 application invites, Facebook is a manageable social platform, especially since their moderation filters block out users who sent out a large volume of private messages and the number of friend add requests are capped each day. (Although it’s common to see innocents get caught in the crossfire).

So it was a pretty rare occurrence to see this on a friend’s wall (the defacto “bulletin board” for facebook users to send and receive public messages).


Given that most accounts have to go through some level of verification and you have to manually add friends (who then can post messages on your wall), I was curious to see what the message was about.

So heading over to the blogspot page, (more…)

Friday Podcast: Profitable Social Marketing

Marketing on the social networks like Facebook, MySpace,  can be difficult to monetize if your marketing efforts aren’t focused.

In this podcast, I covered 3 principles that will help you better plan and generate income from your social marketing campaigns.

The principles are:

  • Pre-qualification
  • Building a sales funnel
  • Following up with your leads, especially using non-traditional communication channels

Check out the Friday Podcast:

Social Media Still Needs To Grow Up…Some Possible Fixes…

Twitter continues to be log-jammed, and I think every social network – MySpace, Facebook, MyBlogLog, all go through this phase.

In the case of MySpace, it’s become the hotbed of unmoderated bulletin spam and private message spam for ringtones, free ipod/xbox360/nintendo WII email/zip submit offers. I bet it’s going to take some doing to clear all that muck.

With Facebook, they’re taken the opposite tack of placing a cap on the number of private messages you can send out, limiting the ability of popular group owners to communicate with their members – forcing some to set up off-site bulletin boards to send broadcast messages out.

With MyBlogLog, the platform has a built a good userbase with its blog widget (though guys like Shoemoney had showed that it was pretty easy to abuse the “recent visitors” feature of it). The major sticking point is that Yahoo! doesn’t seem to have a concrete social media strategy (or at least an integrated one in place). I’m still hoping to see some of its community features like it’s Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Shopping, Mash social platform and MyBlogLog properties come together. And in my book, come together means more than a single unified Yahoo! login to tie the pieces together.

Even a 1-2 page weekly or bi-weekly updates or “What’s Hawt!” newsletter would serve to bring some of the pieces together…

So what’s the deal with Twitter’s sputtering and throttling down the flow of data?

With Twitter, I suspect it’s the (more…)

End of The Road For Facebook Apps?

Not literally the end, but I feel I am fast developing the same level of Adsense blindness towards Facebook app install requests.

Here’s what I face each time I click on my “Home” setting on my Facebook profile:

facebook apps

Keep scrolling…

facebook apps

Click on the “more” tab below and keep scrolling…