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Friday Podcast – How To Effectively Use Social Media with Rebecca Kelley

rebecca kelleyRebecca Kelley, who’s established a reputation during her time at SEOMoz, as a blogger, consultant and participant in the SEO community is a bit of an engima. She has a background in communications and Spanish from the University of Washington and stumbled into the world of search engine optimization.

Rebecca’s just taken up the portfolio of Directo of Social Media at internet marketing consultancy 10e20, where she’ll be taking up blogging duties on the 10e20 blog as well as take up social media work with clients.

I had the opportunity to invite her on the Friday Podcast where we talked about:

  • How she got involved with search engine optimization
  • The role social media can play in job searches
  • Which are the relevant social networks now
  • How companies can better use social media in their branding and marketing
  • Key elements that can make or break your social media campaign
  • The big picture view for social media. What users are looking for, how to make that traffic work for you?
  • An example of a company which is using social media effectively and how they’re doing it
  • Her new role at 10e20

Check out the podcast below:


Rebecca on Twitter
10e20 blog
Mediocre Athlete
Fresh Edge Media

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    July 25, 2009 at 2:25 am (4108 days ago)

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