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MyBlogLog Responds: Message Posting Rules Being Tweaked

I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from Robyn “Sleepy Blogger” Tippins, MyBlogLog’s new community manager (Robyn’s offical MBL post), less than 24 hours after posting “MyBlogLog Social Traffic Credibility and Attempts To Cripple Spammers“.

Here’s Robyn’s response to my feeling that posting 20 messages a day could be limiting:

Andrew, hopefully this won’t hamper users that are actually engaging in conversation, because everytime you receive a message back, you up your daily limit by one. So if I message you I have 19 messages available, but if you message me back, then my message limit goes back up to 20.

It’s only one method we’re trying, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

The concept of reciprocity is an intriguing one and goes one step further than just blanket quotas.

I think as time goes by, the messaging model will get refined further.

And it is forward thinking on my part that 20 messages would be insufficient for a community size of 1,000.

It would seem fair to incorporate gradual increments to the number of available messages to MyBlogLog members in good repute. That way, it’ll prevent MyBlogLog members from going out of the network to use email to communicate.

Here’s why MyBlogLog should increase message quotas: (more…)