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Friday Podcast: Social Marketing Strategies With PotPieGirl

potpiegirlThis week on the Friday Podcast, I invited PotPieGirl to talking about generating traffic using free methods.

I’d seen her twitter exchanges with Miles Baker and found that she’s pretty proficient in building sites on Squidoo (the social networking site founded by marketer and author Seth Godin) and generate affiliate marketing income from her efforts.

During the course of our discussion, I found out:

  • How she got started in affiliate marketing
  • Her strategy for traffic generation and how she got involved in social media marketing
  • How she balances her time with a spouse and kids to take care of too
  • How 2007′s “Squidoo Slap” (where Google placed less prominence on Squidoo lenses) has affected her business
  • Tips for resources to build your internet marketing skills
  • How to market effectively using Squidoo lenses

Check out the podcast below:

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