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Is Robert Allen teaching you to be a Millionaire yet?

I’ve been running my Robert Allen promotion for about 2 months and have received a lot of questions.

They recur on a daily basis. Questions like:

  • Is this a real promotion? Or a gimmick?
  • Will he really send those books?
  • Are these books rejects? Misprints? Are they damaged? Torn?
  • What’s the catch?

Sometimes it’s really tough to be nice.

People doubt your intentions.

Redemption came yesterday. (more…)

Exclusive: $99 Internet Marketing giveaway including Robert Allen book

Last night was a long one.I spent most of it setting up my opt-in list.

Because my buddy Ryan has been bugging me about it forever.

Don’t you think your visitors want more stuff from you?

You can give them stuff like an exclusive article every week, can’t you?

I guess.

Then why don’t you?

It got me thinking, since I’m planning to build up an Internet Marketing community, it doesn’t make sense for me not to build a mailing list.

This will bring our interaction beyond just blog comments. (thought good, they limit the conversations).

I have been cracking my head on the ultimate package I could give to my list members.

So you may have noticed I have been a little quieter than usual over the past few days.

And now I can release the details.

I’ve worked out a deal with Robert Allen, pre-eminent wealth creator and author of Multiple Streams of Income.

Ok, this next part may sound a little crazy.

Some of you might not believe me, but here goes: (more…)