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Are You a UFO Social Traffic Marketer?

Newbie social traffic marketers just don’t get it…

True, social traffic is about building relationships.

And it’s also true, you can make your presence felt by establishing yourself as an authority on forums, blogs and social community sites by participating in ongoing conversations or starting new ones.

But where many stumble, and subsequently crash and burn is subscribing to the UFO mentality.


A UFO is flashy, appears for a brief moment, makes a lot of sound and noise, everyone looks up at it. And boom! It disappears!

Likewise, a new social marketer will (more…)

Social Traffic Basics: Identifying The Usual Suspects

When you’re planning a social traffic campaign, I’d put the longevity (long tail) of the campaign as a higher priority compared to just the spike in short term traffic you’ll experience.

One way to effectively orchestrate you campaign is to identify the key groups, one of which you’ll one to influence and one which you’ll get little or no leverage from.

Influencers: will punch way above their weight. As opinion leaders the inclusion of your URL on their blog or web post could potentially send tens of thousands scurrying to your site.

On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid excessively using the Herd crowd. They’ll tend to parrot what the influencers say, and have little leverage themselves.

Again, the quality measure is much more important than just the quantity of people you’re able to reach out to.

Is social traffic/social media optimization just a gimmicky trick as (more…)