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So You Want To Be A Video Blogger…

My friend Rachel Rofe won a bunch of cool prizes including cash, a MacBook Air, Brian Gardner’s Revolution Theme wordpress templates, shopping cart software and a Flip Ultra camera from Webmaster Talk recently and started posting videos on her blog at RachelRofe.

Video is a powerful branding medium, especially if you personalize the channel, rather than merely to fire out product launches or marketing announcements.

If pictures say a thousand words, I think video easily convey 10,000 words or more.

Some observations I’ve noticed about video:

  • Brevity is great: people have short attention spans. If you can convery you point in 1-2 minutes, just do it.
  • Content is still king: you need to include something useful in your entry. There’re too many “seinfeld” videos (about nothing) out there already.
  • X-Factor: Either you have it or you should go find it…But it has a lot to do with your personality.

Check out one of Rachel’s video’s below. I like the hair flipping and low-grade swearing at the end. Adds color!


Rachel’s headed for Cancun and I’m sure there’ll be some interesting videos coming out of the trip.

Namecheap Domain Registration Discount Code And Video Developments

Here it is: the discount code this month at domain registrar Namecheap this month is “AprilShowers”. [works great in tandem with BlueHost shared webhosting]

I know it works because I just got a new domain there a couple of minutes ago. More on that later.

Just a note about “Super Affiliates”, I was chatting with Kim Rowley last night about marketing techniques and mentioned the power of video blogging and YouTube.

I wake up this morning and she’s posted a VIDEO product review post at her shopping site TechTheStyle.

If that’s not enough, her partner Pat posts a VIDEO followup a couple of hours later here. (I dig the window blinds which gives his video a “Max Headroom-ish” feel and I thought the timecode gave it a techy/industrial feel).

If you’re still suffering from “structured procrastination“, I say “bull-crud”, get off your behind and do something, instead of just wondering why folks like Kim and Pat are so “lucky”…


Back to the domain, I got a new one – AndrewWeeLive.com – the nice ones I was hoping for were taken already.

The site will be more personal in nature, a theme that I connect with, especially with the recent Sam Harrelson AffiliateFortuneCookie podcasts and the Scott Jangro “JangroCast” (should “JangroCast” be a new trigger term for “Sorry, Jangro“?)

It will also give me a reason to use my new MacBook as more than as just a paperweight.

Anyone have any tips/suggestions on getting started on the Mac?

The Worst Reasons To Start Podcasting and Video Blogging…

Probably have to do with the fact that since “everyone” is doing it.

Or the opposite scenario “no one” is doing it, so you should be the first.

I have been downloading and listening fairly religiously to the Geekcast podcasts (one of the Geeksters Shawn Collins mentioned that the new episodes come out every Tuesday) and watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s video posts.

So the $1m question is if you like this audio and video content, should you also jump on the metaphorical bandwagon and fire up your Flip camera too?

Here’s where I might differ from some of the others – there’s 2 elements to communication – there’s form (whether you write something on a sheet of paper, take a photo, do a blog post, shoot a video) and there’s function (AKA content) – the meaning behind your message.

In the rock-paper-scissors equation of multimedia…

  • graphics trump text-alone (a picture says a thousand words?)
  • audio trumps graphics (usually)
  • and video trumps static images and audio, right?

In most cases, if you’re judging the value of (more…)