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Want To Be A Successful Video Blogger?

The answer at the end of this post (no peeking).

What started this off was Revenue editor-in-chief’s post about video blogging and wondering why the majority of video bloggers seem to be male.

Is it an issue of looks? Or vanity?

Internet Geek Girl Stephanie Agresta weighed in:

Shedding some insight was Shawn with some disturbingly profound thoughts…

I was pleasantly surprised to see Missy Ward talk about burning her vanity bra…

And finally Sam “Mountain Man” Harrelson weighed in with some surprisingly philosophical advice.

And here’s the answer to the “Want to be a successful video blogger” question

…Get a fur-covered face.

On a more serious note, I had a great discussion with Shawn about trends in the affiliate marketing industry and how affiliate networks and merchants can up their affiliate marketing game. Tune in for this week’s edition of Friday Podcast. (to be published on Friday).

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