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World Internet Summit and WIS Hidden Bonuses

It’s 5:55am as I’m writing this.

I’m quite psyched about World Internet Summit Singapore, having secured my place for the event yesterday evening.

World Internet Summit

It’s quite a stellar lineup and I’m particularly looking forward to getting a chance to catch Willie Crawford, Rick Raddatz and Matt Bacak in action.

The one thing I’m looking forward to the most though is Jo Han and Ewen’s World Internet Summit challenge.

How long does product creation, sales copy generation and a product launch take?

A week? 2 weeks? A month?

Jo Han and Ewen will do all this in 2 hours.

I got some insider info… that said this alone is worth the event cost. (there’s a video on the WIS site)
You can be sure I’ll be taking copious notes (and perhaps blog about it next week).

By the way, my insider contact is giving some hidden bonuses to WIS Singapore attendees.

I believe they’re highly desirable items and easily worth a couple of hundred dollars. The potential income generation potential is easily in the thousands.
If you’re already registered to go, or you are planning to go, you may qualify. (though he has to stop giving the bonuses soon).
Drop me a note at my: contact form

I’ll make some calls to see if you’re eligible and do my best to get back to you within an hour.

Here’s: World Internet Summit information link for more info on the event.
Here’s: my contact form link (include your name, email, contact number, so I can check on the hidden bonuses and get back to you. We only have a 12 hour window so my apologies if you don’t get the bonuses).

See you on Saturday!

5 comments on World Internet Summit and WIS Hidden Bonuses

  1. adwin
    November 23, 2006 at 7:39 am (5089 days ago)

    hi andrew, nice article. If I get my ticket in time, see you at the summit. Hee.hee.

  2. kanG
    November 23, 2006 at 12:45 pm (5089 days ago)

    Do blog on what goes on at the WIS! Take alot of pictures!

    I’d love to see Willie Crawford as well but I’m too poor and I have stupid exams lol.

  3. Ryan
    November 24, 2006 at 5:49 am (5089 days ago)

    wow that would be an awesome summit – unfort in same boat ass kanG, apart from Exams. Maybe one day… :) – have a good time

  4. Jet
    November 25, 2006 at 9:35 pm (5087 days ago)

    Wow! People who were not there today did not realise what they were missing out on Jo Han and Ewen’s Challenge! Imagine….these are the guys who made millions, doing the stuffs they do behind the veiled curtain…And for the first time, literally tearing it off under the glare of the public’s eyes by spilling the beans and guiding us step by step, revealing the most jealously guarded secrets and blueprints for Internet sucess! I’m sure you enjoyed the the process as much as I did!

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