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Laying Your Million Dollar Seeds at World Internet Summit

Are you hesistant about growing your business?

I’ve noticed that too many people waste the opportunities they’re given when they go to events.

Look at this logically: there’re tons of people at the event. A lot of them could be potential customers, some even loyal lifetime customers. And a select few could be invaluable joint venture partners.

Wouldn’t it be silly to squander these opportunities?

Have you met people who have gone to events and:

  • Neglected to bring their business cards (It’ll cost you a nice dinner to make a box, and bring you more value than a good steak)
  • Stand in the corner, looking at the ground (vinyl floor is so fascinating, isn’t it?)
  • Place an inordinate interest reading the event programme (which mainly consists of sponsored ads)

If you’re going to do that, I’d suggest you stay at home and place an order for Secret Blog Weapon instead. You’d have an income-generating blog up and running in a month.

But if you choose to go to events like World Internet Summit, or the Elite Retreat, why not make better use of it?

Here’s some tips to maximize your time at World Internet Summit, or any other Internet Marketing event for that matter.

Be Prepared:
Bring a survival kit consisting of the following:

  • Business Card for your onliness business. include your email address, cell phone, blog/website address, a brief description of what you go (“We create value for you” is vague and totally useless – ditch immediately. “Tomorrow is a better day” – immediate recycle bin). There’ll be 1,000 people at WIS. You will need more than 20 cards. Likely you can give out 300-400 cards if you work the crowd right.
  • Digital Camera:Snap a picture with the gurus. It’ll help immensely as you leverage off their credibility. It’s also a form of assurance if you’re marketing their products later. Send them a copy of the photo too, they’ll remember you better.
  • Pen and paper: Potentially the most useful. Use it to collect contacts for those who have no business card or ran out. Collect their name, email and contact number. If someone’s especially important as either a prospect or a partner, mark their entry with an asterisk. It’s useful for making notes during the presentations or in a pinch, for making impromptu namecards if you yourself run out.
  • A copy of your product: If you’re about to release a new ebook, print out a couple of hard copies. Give them to the presenters whom you feel might be a potential partner. Give a copy to any large list owners you meet. The biggest problem for newer Internet Marketers is not that you’re giving your product for free, but rather that no one knows who you are.

Be Personable:

Be friendly to everyone you meet. That guy with the bad acne and strong body odour might be the brains behind that $997 SEO software that sold 10,000 copies during it’s launch. You just might need him as an advisor when you’re doing your own product launch.
Meeting face-to-face means you can present yourself beyond what you type on your blog or website. You’re helping to put a face to your name.

Be Ethusiastic:

We generally judge people we meet within 10 seconds of meeting them. Our physiology (how we stand, how we present ourself) and how we sound when we speak are two of the biggest giveaways when you talk to others. Not surprisingly, people get a good vibe when we’re enthusiastic and are more towards finding out more.

I’ve helped unlock the hidden bonuses for a number of WIS Singapore participants.

If you’d like to see if you’re eligible, fill in the contact me form in the right sidebar including your contact number and email.

Else I’ll see some of you tomorrow.

1 comment on Laying Your Million Dollar Seeds at World Internet Summit

  1. Lesley
    November 25, 2006 at 8:51 am (5124 days ago)

    Great post, Andrew!

    Thanks for the reminder. ;)
    Woohoo…. WIS here I come!

    See you there Andrew, talk to ya later.

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