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What’s the ‘Best Internet Marketing’ Business Model?

I get this question all the time.

  • “What will pay the best?”
  • “What works the best in Internet Marketing?”
  • “Can you recommend something to me which will make me a lot of money?”
  • “How do I make $100,000 a month?”

Here’re my replies:

  • “What will pay the best?” / “What works the best in Internet Marketing?”

I think people who ask this question, expect a ‘silver bullet’ type answer.

Perhaps hearing “eBay Auctions” or “Adsense Publishing” will answer their money woes.

But the reality is that (more…)

Are You Cheating Yourself of Massive Internet Marketing Income?

Here’s a tip.

If you’re building an Internet Marketing branding site, and build the “Me” brand which I’ve mentioned a number of times:

Building the “Me” Internet Marketing Brand

The biggest thing you can do is very simple, and at the same time, the hardest for many to accept. (I’ve had a difficult one with this too).

Almost people will have stiff resistance to this idea. Some may eventually do it especially if they see the logic behind it (but still do it very unwillingly).

But if you want to build your “me” brand, you must do it.

On your personal branding blog, your “me” brand blog, disable all web advertising programs.

Remove every one of them.

This is what Jo Han told me: “If you’re working so hard to bring traffic to your site, are you serious about sending them away when they click on adsense? You want to send your traffic away for a few cents?”

I realized, that it’s seriously stupid to bring traffic to my blog and send them away after less than 30 seconds on-site (And my traffic logs show it too).

On my blog at least, you’ll experience “the Death of Adsense”.

But something more pressing to consider.

During my World Internet Summit Singapore session, the same question went through my mind as I watched Willie Crawford, Dave Cavanagh, Jo Han, Ewen, Andrew and Daryl Grant, Mike Cheney and company do their thing, “What is the

Marketers Recovering from World Internet Summit Singapore

Internet Marketers can be unpredictable.

Especially after an info-packed gruelling 4 days of seminars.

David Cavanagh and Andrew Wee

Andrew Wee, David Cavanagh and hapless WIS Singapore participant

It was a pleasure to meet David Cavanagh after talking to him on the Warrior Forum (in honesty, we were commenting on the same threads.)

And he’s surely one of the most colorful personalities I’ve met thus far.

If WIS has an award for “Most (more…)

Jay Abraham’s Internet Marketing Empire Building Blueprint

Marketing Guru Jay Abraham delivered the World Internet Summit Singapore keynote and though his advice could be applicable to both brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses, I believe that Internet Marketers could take heed from his advice.

In my opinion, the major issue for Internet Marketers is that we can lose focus and waste resources and time in the process.

Although the online cost of failure is very low, proceeding without a clear plan could be equally frustrating because of the inability to reach our desired outcome.

Jay gave some useful steps which I list below:

Jay Abraham

Marketing Guru Jay Abraham

This is the “Secret Formula” which really isn’t (more…)

Clickbank $$$ Screen Captures – WhoIsAndrewWee.com Social Proof

It’s 630am and shortly, I’ll be heading to World Internet Summit featuring the likes of Jay Abraham (I heard a rumor that he might be doing a video conference in, rather than appear in person – let’s see if it’s true) with Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Stephen Pierce, Jo Han Mok, Ewen Chia, Rick Raddatz, David Cavanagh, John Childers, Willie Crawford (I’m looking forward to meeting him after talking to him a couple of times on the Warrior Forum) , Michael Cheney and Matt Bacak.

There’s going to be a crowd of about 1,000, so it’ll be a fun event.
If you’re one of my regular blog readers, come over and say hi.

There’s a chance I might be called to stage (I still have no idea yet).

So the following will be useful (more…)

Laying Your Million Dollar Seeds at World Internet Summit

Are you hesistant about growing your business?

I’ve noticed that too many people waste the opportunities they’re given when they go to events.

Look at this logically: there’re tons of people at the event. A lot of them could be potential customers, some even loyal lifetime customers. And a select few could be invaluable joint venture partners.

Wouldn’t it be silly to squander (more…)