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Are You Cheating Yourself of Massive Internet Marketing Income?

Here’s a tip.

If you’re building an Internet Marketing branding site, and build the “Me” brand which I’ve mentioned a number of times:

Building the “Me” Internet Marketing Brand

The biggest thing you can do is very simple, and at the same time, the hardest for many to accept. (I’ve had a difficult one with this too).

Almost people will have stiff resistance to this idea. Some may eventually do it especially if they see the logic behind it (but still do it very unwillingly).

But if you want to build your “me” brand, you must do it.

On your personal branding blog, your “me” brand blog, disable all web advertising programs.

Remove every one of them.

This is what Jo Han told me: “If you’re working so hard to bring traffic to your site, are you serious about sending them away when they click on adsense? You want to send your traffic away for a few cents?”

I realized, that it’s seriously stupid to bring traffic to my blog and send them away after less than 30 seconds on-site (And my traffic logs show it too).

On my blog at least, you’ll experience “the Death of Adsense”.

But something more pressing to consider.

During my World Internet Summit Singapore session, the same question went through my mind as I watched Willie Crawford, Dave Cavanagh, Jo Han, Ewen, Andrew and Daryl Grant, Mike Cheney and company do their thing, “What is the
difference that makes the difference?”

Why were they standing on the stage, addressing a crowd of 1,000? While I was sitting in the crowd?

Well, the most obvious factor was the time factor.

The ‘newest’ Internet Marketers on stage were niche site specialists Andrew and Daryl Grant, having been ‘in the biz’ for 2 years.

I’ve worked out what’s the WIS Speakers “difference that makes a difference” too. Which I’ll go into shortly.

So I was thinking, about my big Internet Marketing goal.

My aim is to address an Internet Marketing audience of at least 100 by July 21st, 2007.

Why that date?

It’ll be before my first full year in Internet Marketing.

It’ll be an interesting experience.

I’ve been talking to several Internet Marketers at WIS and several had been ‘blocked’ in their efforts.

I realized that many were banging against the walls I’d mentioned in a previous post.

Too often and too many were facing the same issues and same challenges and getting held back.

It’s sad that the same patterns repeat themselves, and often the same simple solutions would unlock the answers for these poor hapless individuals.

What will ultimately kill a prospective Internet Marketers career is thinking about something too much.

As far as I’m aware, thinking about something hasn’t created any business empires (although if you’re a business consultant you might be able to think about something, but you’d still have to commit your thoughts to paper or translate it into a consultancy engagement to monetize it).

During Stuart’s Internet Money Secrets, I remember people coming up to me, after I related elements of my social proof.

I told them specifically which tools I’d been using and how I’d been using these tools.

I’d just checked up on their efforts.

Guess what?


Although I’ve lost my voice, my refrain will continue to be “If you do nothing, nothing will happen”.

“If you do something, something will happen”

Here’s a post which I posted some time ago and it’s still as relevant now, as it was then:

-> Why 90% of Internet Marketers fail

The question is: If you haven’t taken action yet, will you take action now?

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  1. Fenton Yong
    December 1, 2006 at 12:24 pm (5081 days ago)

    Dear Andrew,

    I love your post. You are certainly right.

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