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Affiliate Marketing Tips #7: Should You Work Harder or Smarter

It takes effort to build and operate an online business, while some marketers will spend nearly all their working hours focused on building their business, others will be looking at ways to run their business more effectively. The question is whether it’s possible to reduce the number of hours you’re working on your business AND increase profits at the same time?

work harder or smarter

This is a continuing series of “Affiliate Marketing Tips” posts to share marketing and promotion strategies for affiliate marketers. If you’re new to the series, you might like to check out the first in the series “The Industry and Getting Accepted


In a recent post, Brandon Adcock (AKA MajorBTA) wrote about how he’s reduced the number of hours he’s worked on his business and yet increase his income.

Some of the ways he’s achieved this:

  • Shift his traffic generation to less time intensive methods – specifically to media buying, from search engine optimization before. Media buying is more macro in scope, compared to the resources that SEO typically requires
  • Consolidation to focus on 1-2 verticals vs 4-6 before
  • More focus on his own campaign, compared to a broad “knowing what everyone else is running” approach to competitive intelligence

While it’s worked for Brandon, will it work (more…)

Friday Podcast: Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Success With Brandon Adcock

brandon adcockBrandon Adcock, better known by his online moniker MajorBTA came on the Friday Podcast to share his insights on starting out and becoming a successful affiliate.

Like successful affiliate Dr Ngo (AKA Charles Ngo), Brandon got his start managing the SEM (search engine marketing) operations for a major retailer and had insight into the workings of traffic and lead generation.

He’s had more than his share of challenges and obstacles along the way to his current level of success and during the Friday Podcast, he talked about:

  • How he started promoting credit card affiliate offers and how he dealt with challenges when the programs started imploding
  • How he encountered a series of failures when he started promoting weight loss CPA offers and the platform where he managed to hit his first $1,000 day.
  • What you should do to research an affiliate/CPA offer before you start promoting it to increase your chances of success
  • Advice for new affiliates starting out

There’re quite a few nuggets of information for new and experienced affiliates which you can check out at the link below:


Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Dr Ngo

charles ngoCharles Ngo, better known as “Dr Ngo” (after the James Bond villain), flies low on the public radar, even though he’s a successful affiliate. I had an opportunity to invite him on the Friday Podcast to share some of his past experiences in building up to his current level of success, as well as techniques to grow an affiliate marketing business.

During the Friday Podcast, we talked about:

  • How Charles got his start in internet marketing
  • How to work around and deal with cashflow issues as you’re building your business
  • The importance of networking within the industry and key affiliate events to attend
  • His strategy in working with affiliate networks
  • How relationship building can build your business

Check out the Friday Podcast below: