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Are You In For A Profitable Affiliate Christmas?

Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the year and not getting even a small campaign up means you are facing a huge opportunity cost.

Talking to a couple of experienced affiliates, I got the sense that even they were somewhat jaded after years of doing Christmas and holiday promos.

christmas angel

Luckily eBay has released market research on toy ideas for the holiday season. (see the study here)


Google Adwords Holiday Profit Tips

The Google Adwords team has published a number of tips for optimizing your campaigns across 3 verticals: retail, entertainment and automotive.

Here’s a couple of techniques to bump your CTR (clickthrough rate) and conversions:

  • Behavioral-based bid management

Research shows that consumers are surfing shopping sites and doing price comparisons during work hours. Bump your ad positions during office hours to get better ad positioning (and consequently, higher conversions).

buying cycle

  • Match your consumers stage in the buying cycle

Your keywords determine your websites’ visitor profile. For buyers early in the buying cycle, they’d be looking for information, product reviews, so create an appropriate content site.

Buyers in the later stage, primed to buy, will be looking for coupon codes, bonuses, and other goodies, so a coupon site or inventive site will convert better for that demographic.

  • Highly targeted landing pages

Spend more time focusing on targeted and highly relevant keywords. Instead of “holiday events”, shoot for (more…)

Customer Relationship Management = Huge Long Tail Profits?

You’ll often hear that “the money is in the list”, but a more important dimension to look at is the type of relationship you have with your list. It’s not just a quantity (ie numbers) game, the quality (relationship) game is more important.

I have a number of banking accounts and financial trading account. It’s always an interesting exercise to see what happens in September.

I got a package from Citibank, which included the following:


Blue Magnolia’s one of the premiere bakeries in Singapore and to have the bank buy me a cake on my birthday gives an indication of their priority in building a relationsip. I also got a greeting card from one of my stock brokers.

Any word from my Standard Chartered Bank banker? Or the other (more…)