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Calling All Singapore Internet Marketers and eBay Auction Specialists…

…If you haven’t heard the news, you need to read this post.

The second installment of Jo Han Mok and Matt Bacak’s Internet Millionaire Incubator hits Singapore this Friday.

It’s a 3-day event with some of the top Internet Marketers giving you their strategies and tips to succeed online.

In particular, these 2 guys alone are worth the ticket price:

adam ginsburg kirt christensen

eBay Specialist Adam Ginsburg and Internet Marketing guru Kirt Christensen

Adam Ginsburg: I travelled to Atlanta, Georgie earlier this year to listen to Adam speak and I’d rank him among the top 3 eBay experts around. He talked about how he’s sold $20 million worth of pianos on eBay and has now moved on to flipping properties (houses and buildings) on eBay.

Additionally he had one of his students who enrolled in his program a year ago, a single mother with 4 kids, talk about how she now generates more than $10,000 a month from her eBay business.

Adam has also appeared in master marketer Dan Kennedy’s programs, together with the likes of Yanik Silver, Bill Glazer and John Carlton.

This is the perfect opportunity to (more…)

Monday Question: Niche Selection 101 – The “Best” Niche

Here’s an intriguing query from Sarah:

I’m a ebay powerseller and getting into the niche marketing vibe.

Judging by the number of high dollar earnings screenshots I’m seeing, I’m planning to go into the internet marketing niche.

I worked hard to build my ebay business and am sure I can replicate the same in internet marketing.

Can you give me any suggestions?

My answer:

That’s the great thing about Internet Marketing, the ability to continually expand your focus and the ebay stats screenshots you sent me were pretty impressive too.

You might like to check out Super Affiliate Amit Mehta’s post “Selecting a niche is everything in affiliate marketing

As an affiliate or a product creator, the biggest constraint you will face is time.

Like it or not, even outsourcing the bulk of your projects, you’ll need to (more…)

When’s The Internet Going From 2.0 To 2-Way Media?

Here’s an interesting item from WebProNews, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (or is it Prince now that the copyright hold on his name has been dropped…) is trying to take action against the big kahuna of file sharing Bittorrent sites – The Pirate Bay, Youtube and eBay over alleged copyright infringement of his name and intellectual property.

Somewhat ironic considering he had a promo with a British Sunday newspaper to give away copies of his “Planet Earth” CD free with a particular edition.

Already the Prince video clips are going up faster than older ones are being taken down at Youtube. Is this really a battle worth fighting for?

When products were physical – in the form of a CD, DVD, book, manual – it was easier to maintain copyright. When Prince distributes his CD free with the UK paper, were the CDs imprinted with “Promotional CD – Not for Sale”? Did they say “Resale Rights granted”?

And if you give away media and content free in one channel, how do you enforce pricing in another channel, whether it’s a iTunes store or in a CD store?

The moment something can be digitized, whether it’s an MP3, PDF, DOC, JPG or other digital media file, you can have legislature like the DMCA (digital millenium copyright act) and DRM (digital rights management) infrastructure in place. You can even password protect your files, but eventually these protective measures will be overcome.


Don’t get me wrong, because (more…)

Internet Marketers, Are You On The eBay Money Train Yet?

Forget your preconceptions that online auction behemoth eBay is a place to sell quirky Pez dispensers and broken printers, I did a survey of the market potential of the site for Internet Marketers and you’d be pretty pleasantly surprised by my findings.

Rather than recycle subjective opinions from blogs and forums, I went to Nasdaq.com and pulled eBay’s financial stats.

ebay financial statistics

San Jose-based eBay has certainly come a long way from its beginnings as a sole proprietorship in 1995.

In case you think it’s only holds sway as the dominant player in the auction space, think again. The addition of electronic payment provider PayPal and Internet telephony VOIP (voice over internet protocol) provider Skype, means that it is a force to be reckoned with in the e-payment and communications arena too.

The financials show that the 30% year-on-year growth to sales of $5.96 billion in sales last years and a $1.125 billion net profit, mean that it’s position as a digital exchange for products and services is pretty much cemented.

Especially when you look back and see two major initiatives in 2004:

  • The $153 million purchase of Germany’s Mobile.de, the biggest auto classifieds Web site, which brought eBayers a choice of 800,000 used vehicles
  • New York States choice to auction surplus items on eBay, rather than conduct its own auctions.

These and more recent intiatives have helped build up eBay’s standing.

In a recent IDC (International Data Corp) report “The State of the Consumer Digital Marketplace (Mar 2007)”, the “most important Internet companies” were analyzed, and the listing included:

  • Amazon.com Inc
  • eBay Inc
  • Google Inc
  • Time Warner Inc.’s AOL
  • Yahoo! Inc
  • Microsoft Inc.’s Online Services Business (OSB), the former MSN
  • News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media (MySpace)

What turned the tide for me was hearing from eBay specialist Adam Ginsburg during Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness in Atlanta.

Adam’s sold $20 million (more…)