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Affiliate Marketing Tips: The Industry and Getting Accepted

This is the first in a series of educational post about getting started as an affiliate marketer. Whether you’re new to the industry or have some experience under your belt, you should get more tips and strategies to enhance and improve your campaigns.

getting started

What’s Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a channel or method where advertisers (also known as merchants or product owners) recruit partners to help them:

  • Generate prospective customers OR
  • Pre-sell them on the idea of buying the product OR
  • Getting involved in the sales process themselves

Depending on the advertiser you’re working with, you might be known as an affiliate/affiliate marketer/partner/associate/reseller.

You might be paid on:

  • The number of prospects generated (lead generation) OR
  • The value of products bought (revenue share/pay-per-sale) OR
  • On an ongoing basis receiving regular payments as long as the customer continues the product/service. (continuity/rebilling/subscription)

CPA marketing or Cost-Per-Action marketing is primarily focused on the lead generation aspect of the business. You might receive a $30 payout on a $4.95 trial by the customer. The advertiser is able to recoup their commission payout to you by selling a premium product on the backend (as a product upgrade), or enrol the customer in a monthly subscription.

Hence, for many new affiliates, the CPA route (more…)

Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder And A Solution?

Attention fellow Internet Marketer, do you:

  • Take on more projects than you can reasonably handle?
  • Have no problem starting a new project every day, but counting completed projects, you don’t go beyond the five fingers on one hand?
  • Receive an email or a phone call for a JV (joint venture) opportunity and 30 seconds into the call, your first questions are: “what’re the payouts like?”, followed 2 seconds later with an “I’m in” before the guy finishes his pitch?

If you’re answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, you might be suffering from “Internet Marketing ADD”…seek professional help immediately.

attention deficit disorder

A common refrain heard on the forums is that experienced Internet Marketers have difficulty focusing on a single project and are constantly “project flipping” as often as switching stations with the TV remote.

Here’s a realization: (more…)

Monday Question: Why Is Internet Marketing So Difficult To Master?

Posing a Monday Question, Sandy asks:

Like you, I’m a writer by training and since become a SAHM (stay at home mum), I’ve mastered the basics of blogging and writing articles and am starting to get into simple product creation.

Some of this other stuff like SEO is beyond me. I bought a couple of dummies books and know some basic HTML and can do a simple page. But the PHP and MySQL programming stuff is way beyond me. Help! I am feeling overwhelmed and although I’m doing ok now, I can’t help feeling that I won’t be able to master it all.

Please advise what I can do about this.

My Answer:

It’s great that you’ve taken the step of taking the plunge into Internet Marketing.

Like you, I’ve pretty inept when it comes to (more…)