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Friday Podcast: Affiliate Management and Super Affiliate Tips From Heather Paulson

heather paulsonHeather Paulson’s one of the guests I’ve been looking forward to inviting on the Friday Podcast for some time and the 6 month wait has been worth it. Besides being a very technically competent marketer, Heather founded her own full service internet marketing agency, Paulson Management Group, which offers affiliate management, search engine optimization and pay per click management services among others.

Having racked up experience at affiliate management firm PartnerCentric, as well as serving as a contractor for Microsoft’s iSEM team, Heather also sits on the boards of the Affiliate Summit and Affiliate Classroom.

During our discussion, Heather talked about:

  • Issues and considerations for merchants adding affiliate marketing as a new component to their marketing strategy
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using an outsourced affiliate program agency compared to hiring an in-house affiliate manager
  • How affiliate managers can enhance programs they manage with some best-of-breed industry practises
  • Tips for better affiliate project management (from the affiliate and affiliate manager perspective)
  • An insight into how super affiliates operate and key strategies and techniques they use
  • How affiliates can get more out of working with their affiliate managers
  • Resources for affiliate marketers and tips for growing and scaling your business

Check out the podcast below:


How To SUCCESSFULY Recruit And Retain Affiliates In Your Affiliate Program

One of the affiliate marketing professionals I constantly look forward to talking to is Heather Paulson, founder of internet marketing/affiliate management agency Paulson Management Group. She’s simultaneously one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable people in the industry.

heather paulson

Heather Paulson

Affiliates are constantly bombarded with the “highest payouts, best offers” line that too many affiliate managers fall into using whether out of habit, laziness or a combination of both.

So it’s a breath of fresh air to get useful information to (more…)

Affiliate Blogger Panel At Affiliate Summit West 2009

Nickycakes had a headstart in making this announcement.

The speakers for the workshop element of the Affiliate Summit have been selected, and I’ll be moderating a session “Affiliate Bloggers Speak Out: Tips on SEO, PPC and Sales Conversion” at the upcoming Affiliate Summit which is from Jan 11-13 in Las Vegas next year.

Together with me for the session will be the panelists:

nickycakes geordie carswell miles baker

Affiliate Bloggers Speak Out Panelists: (Left to Right)Nickycakes, Geordie Carswell, Miles Baker

This’ll be a great session not only because the three panels are highly skilled affiliate marketers, but they have very different strengths too. Although Nickycakes and Geordie (former affiliate network Revenuewire CEO turned affiliate) use (more…)