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Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project Thunders Along…

As top affiliate marketer Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project moves into week 3, there’ve been a number of great guests who’ve presented and will be presented in the series.

First off, the site has undergone a design revamp:

jeremy palmer black ink project

Looking very sharp.

Yesterday (Monday), my buddy Amit Mehta presented his series of Pay-Per-Click strategies – the slides and recorded presentation are available for download.

Today, SEO specialist Aaron Wall will be presenting SEO and linking strategies.

It looks like the Black Ink Project will get many new affiliates off to a flying start.

black ink project week 3

On Friday, I’ll be presenting a session on social marketing strategies and building your online brand.

If you don’t already have access to this quality training, you should register at:

–> The Black Ink Project

1 comment on Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project Thunders Along…

  1. Jeannine Crooks
    June 4, 2008 at 11:32 pm (4656 days ago)

    We took this course based on your recommendation, and it’s been amazing. Jeremy’s done a great job of getting to the heart of each topic, focusing on only the items that are truly important and identifying the items which ultimately are not.

    Of course we can’t wait until you present on Friday!

    If anyone is hesitant to join because the program is half over, take heart! Everything is available online, which is great because there is so much material, you’ll want to listen more than once.

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