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Figuring Out The 4 Hour Workweek

The “4 Hour Workweek” is a popular time management/motivational/personal development book by author Tim Ferriss which advocates many of the principles in Thomas Friedman’s “The World Is Flat”.

Using the power of outsourcing and delegating, and creating a system/framework to better run your business and personal life, the ultimate goal of the 4 hour workweek is to work just 4 hours a week.


Top affiliate Jeremy Palmer had written that he had been (more…)

Friday Podcast – Affiliate Income Strategies With Jeremy Palmer

jeremy palmerIn the affiliate marketing industry, top affiliate Jeremy Palmer ranks as one of the nicest and most competent people.

Earlier this year, I had a great Friday Podcast session with Jeremy and invited him back for another chat.

He’s recently launched 2 new projects (one of which isn’t officially launched yet).

During our conversation, we talked about:

  • Generating long-term income from your affiliate sites
  • Creating “thick” (as opposed to thin) affiliate sites
  • How to invest in your niche to maximize your success and profit
  • How to create sticky and compelling sites
  • And too much great stuff to list here…

Here’s the podcast link:

Here are the resources Jeremy mentions:

Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project Thunders Along…

As top affiliate marketer Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project moves into week 3, there’ve been a number of great guests who’ve presented and will be presented in the series.

First off, the site has undergone a design revamp:

jeremy palmer black ink project

Looking very sharp.

Yesterday (Monday), my buddy Amit Mehta presented his series of Pay-Per-Click strategies – the slides and recorded presentation are available for download.

Today, SEO specialist Aaron Wall will be presenting SEO and linking strategies.

It looks like the Black Ink Project will get many new affiliates off to a flying start.

black ink project week 3

On Friday, I’ll be presenting a session on social marketing strategies and building your online brand.

If you don’t already have access to this quality training, you should register at:

–> The Black Ink Project

Affiliate Marketing Training Program Black Ink Project Launches

UPDATE: Check out the latest version of: The Black Ink Project

It takes a lot to get me out of bed early in the morning, but Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project kicked off to a great start today.

Jeremy talked about his start in affiliate marketing and the niches he’s in (dating, web hosting, music downloads, VOIP, online marketing), as well as criteria for shortlisting and testing viable niches.

More importantly, he also talked about a number of niches he “failed” at and eventually dropped.

If you’re not already generating a 5-figure income from your affiliate marketing efforts, you ought to sign up for Jeremy’s 20 session, free (yes…it’s free) training at the Black Ink Project.

I’ll be presenting content later in the series, and as the program picks up steam, I know that more than a few Super Affiliates are going to come out of this program.

The first week of training kicked off at 3pm PDT and continues the rest of the week.

Check out the full schedule and register at: Black Ink Project (limited spaces available).

The call recordings may be available 24 hours after the initial session.

Also, find out more about Jeremy Palmer’s strategies from his appearance on a recent episode of the Friday Podcast.

Note: US and Canadian BlackInkProject members have a toll-free number to call in. I made a long distance call, but it’s great to find out that webinar provider WebEx (a Cisco company) is providing real-time audio stream too.

Structured Procrastination = Loss In Your Income

You might already be familiar with the survivability stats for new start-ups that are commonly cited by entrepreneurship evangelists…

Out of every 10 new start-ups every year, 5 of them will go belly-up in the first year.

Out of the survivors making it past year 1, another 50% of them will cease operations at the end of year 2.

And so on, until only the top 1% make it at the end of year 5.

[The stats are across all industries and according to the company registrars that help these companies and sole proprietorships incorporate]

I don’t exactly know the stats for individuals coming into internet marketing, but I think it could be something similar.

A case in point, I’ve helped sell coaching programs, where we work 1-on-1 with new internet marketers, or people who say they want to make a living on the internet. These guys shell out close to $10,000 a head to enroll in these programs. They’re all fired up in week 1, just raring to go.

You ask them to research 5 websites, they research 50. But somehow when it comes to implementing the project later in the program, there’s some resistance and inertia to getting started.

Some may blame “affluenza” or middle class syndrome. If there (more…)