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Is Blog Commenting Obsolete? Some Ideas on Social Marketing

On any given day, my blog comment spam filter throws more than 500 spammy blog comments into the digital trashbin.

I go through the remainder, and too a whole bunch more in as well. These are typically with the sender’s “website” listed as a squidoo lens with the lens title something along the lines of “/instant-money-bonanza” or “/5second-millionaire” and inevitably leads to a spammy/scammy page with a $27 ebook teaching you how to make $1,000,000 in your sleep, while sipping a margarita.


So if so many blog comments are ending up in the trash, especially if you have a vigilant editorial team checking the comment moderation queue, is it even worth taking the time to submit one?


Let’s expand this a little wider and include forums and social networking/conversation sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even Yahoo! Groups too.

The primary goal in social marketing is to (more…)

Internet Marketing Video Parodies Get Viral

If 2006 was the year of adsense publishing and squidoo lenses, and 2007 is shaping up for PPC Super Affiliates, 2008 could see viral parody videos take off in a big way.

Thanks to IM Sweetie Alice Seba who blogged about this: Silly Sunday: Chris Crocker Possesses Dr. Mike

If you missed Britney Spears’ fan, Chris Crocker’s tirade on YouTube, you’re missing out.
[WARNING: Explicit language!]

Not to be outdone, watch Dr Mike Woo-Ming’s “Chris Crocker” style defense of John Reese’s BlogRush.

[...And subtle promo for his Lead Supreme workshop]

If there’s one takeaway from video marketing, it’s that women in bikinis never fails..

Bikini Record

Rabid Niche Marketing With Britney Spears

Dear Fellow Niche Marketer,
Like me, you probably have heard of the buzz surrounding Britney Spears’ performance on the MTV Video Music Awards.
You would have heard the critics’ criticism that she looked like she had piled on a couple of pounds, and her outfit looked something reminiscent of what a working lady might wear walking the streets.

britney spears

Additionally, you might also have read about how she was huffing and puffing (more…)