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$5,500 In Prizes To Be Given Away In Webmaster Contest

If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for some time, you would’ve heard of forum specialist Lee Dodd and his Cruise Line Fans forum. A number of his forums are generating income in the region of $xx,xxx and you can read his story at his “My love of forums” post.

Lee also happens to be doing a promo for his Earners Forum site, targeted at Internet Marketers, with a “Webmaster Inspiration Month” contest. To sweeten the pot, there’s $5,500 worth of prizes at stake, including a iPod Touch, cash prizes and other assorted goodies.

There’s about 7 contests within the competition, each with a distinct winner, so you could submit a blogging-related entry, a forum-related one, affiliate marketing, SEO, or a rags-to-riches one.

Each prize package includes:

  • $250 worth of Text Link Ads
  • $250 CASH from NeverBlueAds
  • 24 T-Shirts to promote your blog or site

Regardless of whether you (more…)

$4,850 Elite Retreat Ticket Up For Grabs

Talk about a compelling offer.

I was checking out Shoemoney’s post “Elite Retreat Ticket For One Lucky Winner” .

Elite Retreat contest

Blogging Guru Dave Taylor, SEO Specialist Aaron Wall, Forum and Communities Specialist Lee Dodd, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, Dave Taylor again!

Forum Guru Lee Dodd has posted at his ForumTrends blog that the 4 gurus: Shoemoney, Dave Taylor, Aaron Wall and Lee have decided to put up one ticket for the event (valued at $4,850 by the way).

Just head over to Lee’s blog, read the instructions and best of luck!

The deadline’s Dec 11th, noon CST. There’s a couple of hours to go.

I’d have loved to try for the contest, though the event clashes with a family holiday.

Ah, well, maybe next time.

If you do enter the contest, and win, post a comment!

Running the million dollar Internet Marketing marathon

Imagine a race where there are 1041 participants and there are two winners.

Would you join in?

Odds sound stacked against you?

What if it costs nothing to participate in and the prizes could be worth million of dollars?

Does that change your mind?

That’s the situation when I took part in Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Cloning Program (SACP) challenge. Ewen has been consistently top affiliate for Internet Marketer’s Marlon Sanders, John Reese and Mike Filasamie. He’s the Internet Marketers’ Marketer so to speak.

The SACP would be the ticket to getting the training and tools to become a ‘Super Affiliate’ essentially the top 1% of affiliate marketers. (and the top tier affiliate marketers pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in affiliate income)
I joined in the race to be one of the top two.

Determined to give my all to succeed.

This was my entry: (contains explicit language – scroll past the bold text if it will hurt your eyes):

  1. andrew wee Says:
    1. How you can profit from this information OR how it has changed your thinking about affiliate marketing. And…Hi Ewen,
    1) Of the factors you mentioned, a focused and concentrated Affiliate Marketing Mindset is the most important element that sets the pace for everything else.
    It’s the ‘blueprint’ to succeed which is a pattern where all the other affiliate marketing pieces fall into.You can have the world’s best system, the best materials on hand, but if you are hit by the procrastination virus, your mind is bent and broken from years of excuses and reasons why not to do something, you WILL fail.What I took away from your document is that it all starts from the mind (the hard part).
    If you can visualize it, you can make it reality.

    2. Why YOU deserve to be one of the select few in my coaching program and what it would mean to get a FREE pass. How would that change your future? Would you buy a new car? A new house? Pay off debt?

    Should you pick me because I have no money/I am old/I am young/I have tried everything else and failed/I have five starving kids at home/I have been doing internet marketing for 5 years and nothing to show for it?

    I say FUCK THAT.
    FUCK excuses.
    If I get into the program due to sympathy, I won’t ever be able to earn real respect. Even if I am a success afterwards.
    If I get in, it’s on merits, and merits alone.

    I don’t think the fact that I may be disadvantaged to qualify for your program.
    It shouldn’t factor in the equation.
    The past is ancient history.
    It’s literally yesterday’s news.

    I focus on the PRESENT and the FUTURE.

    I look at:
    1) where I am today
    2) where I want to be tomorrow
    3) the best way to get there.

    ***I see your coaching program as the best way to get there.***

    I am HUNGRY for success. I set myself a goal of accumilating $5m in assets by the age of 35. (that’s 2 years away) And will do whatever it takes to get there.

    I deserve to be in your program because it’s a 2-way street.
    You deserve me to be in your program because you KNOW that I will do WHATEVER it takes to reach that pinnacle of success.

    I believe in ‘walking the walk’, rather than merely ‘talking the talk’.
    If it’s going to take 20 hour workdays for a month to get the product launched and ready (Believe me, I’ve done that during the dotcom era.), if it has to be done, it HAS to be done.

    RESULTS speak louder than words or excuses.

    I’ll spare you all the grandmother stories.

    Give me an opportunity prove it to you.
    Give me a place in your coaching program.

    Andrew Wee

In the midst of the competition, Ewen set aside a 24 hour period to answer all questions related to affiliate marketing, no-holds barred.

You can check out: Ewen Chia’s questions and answers about affiliate marketing.

It is a useful primer for those new to affiliate marketing and gives tips to enhance your existing efforts.

And midway through the competition, Ewen mentioned there’d be a second phase to the competition and he’d be giving away a third ticket.

Did I go for it?

Heck yeah!

Here’s my entry (some explicit language again, so scroll through if you are easily offended):

  1. andrew wee Says:
    Hi Ewen,
    to answer yr 2 part question:
    1) Take 2 minutes right now to post about the people that have told you that you couldn’t succeed online My dad is in his 60s now and while he was in his late 20s, he started his engineering services company. At it’s peak, it generated about US$40 million in professional services revenue. Not bad for a Singapore company.To date, he’s since expanded to Beijing and Shanghai, and has asked me several times to join him.

    I may be crazy, but I want to create my own business empire.

    He doesn’t believe in new-fangled ideas like SMS, email (in fact, he gets a secretary to print out his emails, he dictates the replies to her, she types them in and emails them out).

    For him, the Internet is just a bunch of hot air and bullshit.

    There’s quite a lot of unease, now that I’ve gone into Internet Marketing.

    The fact that I have a new 3 month old daughter and the household expenses are building up, is a constant source of pressure.

    I’m eating into my savings, but I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to dig damn fast to reach there.

    I’ve also given up my corporate training and personal coaching business to focus on Internet Marketing. My contacts and clients are constantly asking me if i’m crazy to go into an ‘unproven’ business.

    In fact, there are several times when people ask my wife what i’m working as. She’s too embarassed to say what i’m doing.

    Older folks and relatives really have no clue what I’m doing, and they think i’m sending out ‘electronic letters’ begging people for money.

    Damn, that pisses me off…

    At my most stressful moments, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Sometimes I do both.

    2) and how you’re going to feel once you do succeed with the Super Affiliate Cloning Program.

    Once I succeed, I’ll frame my first check.
    I’ll scan it as a JPEG or GIF and post it on my website.

    I’ll go to a postcard printing company, print out 1,000 postcards with the check prominently displayed on one side.
    On the other edge, i’ll print in all caps “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    I’ll post out postcards to every naysayer who ever told me I was crazy.

    To particularly irritating naysayers I’ll probably send them a postcard via REGISTERED MAIL (requiring an acknowledgement) every day for about 2 weeks (maybe i’ll call it my ‘autoresponder gone wild’ campaign).

    I’ll hire telemarketers to call each of the naysayers and ask ‘did you receive the postcard?’

    I’ll go to the bank, enquire about their platinum credit cards. Find out I qualify then turn them flatly down and say i’m taking my business elsewhere.

    The short answer to your question is:
    1) Liberated!
    2) Justified!
    3) Liberated!
    oh, and did I say, Liberated?

So I had to fend with 154 competitiors for the third ticket.

I waited for the results.

In the meantime, Ewen did an interview with Marlon Sanders which contains lots of information and insight. I’d like to post the URL, but it’s been removed.


The day of the results!

I came.

I saw.

I did not conqueor.

Was I disappointed?


Was I majorly peeved?


But more so, I wanted to know what did the winners have in their entries that helped them win.

More important than merely winning the race, is to understand the methodology and being able to leave with a ‘takeaway‘ rather than leave the table with nothing.

Have I captured Ewen’s 24-hour Q&A about affiliate marketing?

Captured it as a PDF for reference?

Hell yeah!

That’s money on the table!

There are 2 types of situations we constantly find ourselves in.

  • The day-to-day battles.

Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose.

I didnt do so well this time.

  • I’m aiming to win the Internet Marketing war.

If there’s interest, I will perform an analysis of the winning posts. (so others can win the next battle)
PS: if you’re not already an experienced affiliate marketer, check out Ewen’s Secret Affiliate Weapon. It’s priced at a crazy price and you get loads of useful materials you can use immediately to get results.